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Quick Warning! This was the first story I ever wrote, and you can tell the quality within. The story has the chance to be remade, but I have no intentions to continue the story as it currently is. Proceed with caution.

Spike is a teenager now, no longer the small dragon he once was. He had wings, he could breath fire like a real dragon, though he never grew into the idea of gem greed. He's still the same old Spike!

However, ever since Twilight became a princess, and they started going on extravagant adventures all the time, he was barely noticed. Spike basically became a burden, something they "have" to take care of, not someone they "want" to do so. Staying in the castle all day long because those were Twilight's orders---yes--- orders. The gang was even bitter towards him, though he does nothing.

If Spike was lucky, every once in awhile they'd talk to him, even though it was maybe a sentance or two, but Spike was sick of it. He wanted, no, he needed to do something, and quick.

The gang are leaving to go to Canterlot today, and he has to guard the castle. A golden opportunity.

WARNING: This story is not in hiatus in the sense of no more working on it, but more or less remaking this story so it can look more professional, build up more character, and overall be a better introduction to a better story.

Chapters (2)

Spike was left alone in Manehatten, blamed himself for the breezies and Twilight, his practical big sister, completely ignored him when he was scared to death in the Everfree Castle. Realizing that no one may care about him anymore, Spike thinks that he is no longer needed and tries to kill himself.

Chapters (4)

After being given the short end of the stick by the Mane 6 once again, Spike wonders if he's worthy to be called their friend. When an unexpected visitor arrives, he decides to voice his opinions.

Just a one-shot I cooked up in my spare time. I always feel bad that Spike is constantly neglected or mistreated, even if he is the comic relief.

Cover art vector by: kapicator

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Chapters (2)