• Published 8th Apr 2014
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A True, True Friend? - Blazewing

Spike wonders why he is always left out...

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“Dear Princess Luna,
You were right. Everything did turn out ok. Well, to be honest, I didn’t like having to yell at Twilight, or any of them, since the others had heard everything, and I did kind of lose myself when I was getting everything off my chest. It felt good to finally let it all out, but I hated seeing Twilight look so hurt. It almost made me want to take back what I said, even if I was being honest.

It turns out she and the others had thought of the same thing, but had no idea it wasn’t just from Maud’s visit. They didn’t try to make up excuses or anything. All they said was ‘you were right, Spike. We’re sorry’. I didn’t know if I wanted to accept that at first, after everything I’ve gone through, but Twilight told me they were going to make amends for it, starting with rock candy friendship necklaces they all made for me.

I know what you’re probably thinking: ‘Rock candy necklaces? That’s it? After everything you’ve gone through, that’s the best they could do?’ Well, I was thinking that at first myself, but then the others started pouring out what else they were going to do for me. Rarity wants me to go gem-hunting with her, so that Pinkie Pie and Applejack can use the gems to make a jewel cake, to make up for the one I never got to make when they went to greet Ms. Harshwhinny! A real jewel cake! Fluttershy’s going to take me to see Peewee and his family! I’ve been dying to see him again! Rainbow Dash is gonna take me to Cloudsdale to see a Wonderbolts Air Show! I’ve never been to Cloudsdale before! Twilight’ll have to use her cloud-walking spell on me, of course, but I’m excited! And Twilight...Twilight’s going to redesign the tree house to let me have my own bedroom...She says I’m grown up enough for it. That’s the one that really got me, Princess.

Still, I was worried about one more thing: would it stay this way from now on, or would I go back to downtrodden, overlooked Spike again? Twilight promised me that, now that they know what I’m going through, they’ll do whatever they can to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Because they love me...Because she loves me…

Thank you, Princess. I might not have had the courage to get it all out there if you hadn’t given me that pep talk. I’m grateful that I have such great friends looking out for me, and I’ll never lose sight of that again. Well, I’d better get going. I need to be up early so Rarity and I can go gem hunting.

Yours sincerely,

As Princess Luna finished reading the letter floating in her magic aura, she smiled.

All was well.

Author's Note:

I realized that, as a mere one-shot, and from how it was handled, it still felt incomplete, so I made this letter as an epilogue, as well as made some cosmetic changes in the original. Hope it flows better!

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The cherry on top of a perfect cake! Such a wonderful story, I'm really glad I read it!

There! I finally read it! :rainbowdetermined2:
After some bullsh*t time I finally read it!
Take that! Hah! :yay:

As for the story: Loved it. Dat feels. Epilogue sweetened it a bit. Good job Blazewing. :eeyup:

I think you mean about the story.
Read it. Loved it. Felt it. Adored it. Touching. :fluttershysad: But good. :ajsmug:

Well I read it now. :pinkiesmile: So...yeah. I apologize if I made you confused by my "logic"

A Truly, Truly Awesome Story!:moustache::twilightsmile::ajsmug::rainbowdetermined2::raritywink::pinkiehappy::yay:

Now for the SEQUEL!
Spike, extends his and the Mane 6 friendship to the Princesses!:moustache::trollestia:

Nah, I kidding. No sequel is needed.:twilightsheepish: Unless you want to that is!:raritywink:

YOU JINXED IT!!!!! :flutterrage: x 9000

Just kidding.

Great story! Have a fav! :twilightsmile:

Happy ending for our favorite dragon

Comment posted by Legioner8 deleted Apr 10th, 2014

4213401 theres a line motherfucker
you crossed it

Comment posted by chesterthemolester deleted Apr 10th, 2014

what did he say?

4213590 Just a troll line about how the next day, they go back to the Spike-abuse.

A nice way to conclude such an emotional tale. Thank you for such a great story. :yay:

That's.....just cold. :unsuresweetie:

4213612 Hey, did the Mane-iac ever question why they called Spike. . .Spike? Or I just don't remember them saying Humdrum and this question means nothing. :twilightoops:

4214044 At one point, Twilight did say Spike, then changed to Humdrum because she was talking to the Mane-iac.

I relate to this on a spiritual and emotional level. There are many instances where I hear my friends talking about something they're planning and how even though they've had plenty of time to inform me about it, I always end up getting left out. Sure, we hang out whenever there's a school event, but it's mainly because we meet up there by coincidence and not by purpose. I feel like Spike in this story sometimes...

Perfect episode idea. Season 5. Someone GOTTA send it.

Destination: Hasbro. Or whoever writes the episodes.

... I'd still love to see a full sequel :pinkiehappy:

4212839 I'm rather confident you got it right.


Spike needs love like he got here

Oh, come on, that was just a joke.
I liked the story.
Strange, but this kind of stories is rear here. I can remember only one from top of my head.
Out there Spike actually runs away in to everfree for several years and comes back as teenage dragon (after changing his appearance) and learns how his disappearance changed lives of mane six. That was a good story, but then author started shipping Twi and Spike... I stopped reading after that, cose it's like incest if you ask me.

Comment posted by Blazewing deleted Apr 11th, 2014
Comment posted by Legioner8 deleted Apr 11th, 2014
Comment posted by Blazewing deleted Apr 11th, 2014

No hard feelings :pinkiehappy:

4215553 Unfortunately, they'll never use it. Legal bullshit. As a matter of fact, their writers aren't even allowed to read fanfiction, because they're afraid it would come out in unintentional plagiarism, which would, again, cause legal bullshit. (unintentional plagiarism being when you write something, and it was influenced by something you had read before, but you didn't even realize you were referencing it)

Now, they could just work WITH the writers on fimfiction, to ensure everything was fair, and everyone was happy, but from Hasbro's perspective, it's not worth the time or money to even try to work with fimfiction writers. It's easier for them just to have their own writers, and tell them to always write original work.

4217619 I'm not saying I dislike the writers at all. I just feel like Spike's the butt of the joke too often for my tastes, just like I wish all the weird stuff would stop happening to Fluttershy (Flutterhulk, Flutterbat, and all that). I know one fic isn't going to change anything, but I wrote this to show how much I do genuinely care about Spike, to show the possibility of change for him, even if it won't actually come out in the show. It feels like...closure for me, if you will, and I won't let future episodes dampen my spirits about it.

Amazing ending to an awesome story! :rainbowkiss: Princess Luna is indeed best princess. :twilightblush: Loved this story very much. :heart: Maybe you could write maybe some one-shorts or one story with Spike spending each day with the Mane Six, giving them the opportunity to live up to their promise, and then conclude it with them all spending one moment all together. :scootangel: Just a little suggestion maybe.

Wow. THIS is the Spike story I have been looking for. Da feels! But still, that was a PRETTY bad apology. Jeez, just go and take advantage of the kid by hiving him gifts and a shitty apology!

Uh..... Yeah, "No excuses". Right......

4222189 Well, what he meant was they didn't try to soothe him with stupid, contrived excuses for why they didn't include him. They admitted their own failings.

4222252 hmmm, that makes sense I guess...

Wonderful spike story, it caused a brief eye moisture malfunction. I did try to write something similar once but would never do it justice like you!

4227005 Thank you. You're too kind. :twilightsheepish:

I have added this story to my new recommendation group here.

Lol, I doubt it. More like, 'Destination: Hasbro's trash bin.'

This is why I love the fanbase. We care more about Spike than the writers do.



4217753 It's not so much her transformations I find annoying, but how much enthusiasm and attention the fanbase lends them. Saddle Rager and Flutterbat are nothing compared to the concept of Spike becoming a smegging SUPERHERO.

Adding his status as the ultimate underdog to his unique draconic abilities and sad history, he has the most potential for that kind of ascension. The mane six, one the other hand, are pretty much already superheroes. Heck, Twilight leveled down as the Masked Matter-Horn! Silly down-leveling Twi. :twilightsheepish:

A great ending to this tale. Count me as another who feels Spike gets treated like.... horse apples by both the Mane Six and the writers. He so deserves to rip Twilight's head off over how she treats him. I loathed him not being able to go with them to the Crystal Empire in season three. :moustache::flutterrage:

Strange, I never actually considered those. Those are good points. Well, live and learn, I spose. :pinkiehappy:

I love this story, but it kinda feels like the writer is wasting his breath. It's obvious the writers like putting Spike through garbage and then slapping a stupid happy ending at the end which doesn't make up for it. They don't care about Spike. They gave him "Equestria Games," the worst episode of the series. It's just no use. We're just gonna have to console ourselves in Fan Fiction, because the show writers will never give us what we want in cannon.

4275958 Let's be serious. Hasbro hates Spike so much that they'd probably burn something like this.

4313361 Here's my theory on that. In Equestria Games, Spike is shown to be a big celebrity in the Crystal Emprie, right? During Games Ponies Play, the ponies of the Crystal Empire needed to be focused on impressing Ms. Harshwhinny so that they could host the Equestria Games. Princess Cadance knew that if Spike was there, they would get distracted, so she thought it best to not invite him in that one instance.

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