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Photography stuff · 1:48am Oct 14th, 2021

Hey! Turns out it's really hard to write while recovering from one surgery and having an even bigger one on Monday, so I've been doing more photography stuff after the break.

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Hope both surgery's go well. The photos are lovely as well, interesting lizards.

Best wishes on a speedy recovery.

EDIT: Y halo thar purty lizzers.

Best of luck with your surgeries and hope you have a speedy recovery. Beautiful pictures.

That is some truly excellent work! Composition, framing, great DoF settings... all slick and sophisticated.

Heal quickly!

Yo these slap! Glad you're enjoying photography

Gorgeous stuff! Best of luck with the surgeries.

Heal well, my friend. And more leeeezard pics.

Good luck with the surgery and recovery!

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