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I Have a Car Again! · 7:49pm August 5th

I bought a good condition 2001 CNG Honda Civic with 30k miles from the city of Lancaster in an online public auction for under $2k. I have a car again!!!

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Comments ( 18 )

Nice. (⌐■_■)

Compressed Natural Gas? (Ye gads, that's a lot better condition than the 2000 Honda Civic I just got rid of with 200k+ miles and a cracked block)

Glad to see things going well for you.

Yep. I checked and there are plenty of stations in urban areas. Haven’t checked to see yet what it looks like as far as if road trips are feasible.

Author Interviewer


Gonna go back to Ubering or whatever you were doing before? :O

Damn. '02 with 30K miles? That's a really good find. And that's not a bad price either.

Nah, this is a 2001 model. It’s just nice to have a car in the vast sprawling metropolis that is LA, plus I can use the carpool lane by myself because I have a clean air sticker.

CNG? That's interesting! Does it get special treatment from your tyrannical liberal government? Like no smog tests to pass, or anything like that? Cuz I mean otherwise, what's the point? I suppose there's a possibility that CNG might be cheaper than gas, per mile. Have you looked into that yet?

Still cool though. I wonder what'll be wrong with it, though? It's an auction car, it has to have something wrong with it.

Having driven a Nissan Leaf in an urban area for a year and a half, that carpool access is nice. I would imagine with a little use of Google Maps a road trip wouldn't be very hard at all. Just make sure you know what kind of range to expect out of a full tank first.

Over all, that's a really nice find for darn cheap.

You bet! While I did still have to take a regular smog test, since it produces about 95% less emissions than regular gasoline, I get a clean air pass and get to use the carpool lane even when I’m by myself! filling up was a really interesting experience. But I certainly liked filling 3/4 of a tank and it only costing $14! Plus I love being unusual and different, and privately owned CNG vehicles are pretty rare at least around here. fortunately I checked and there are still plenty of fueling stations at least in orange county and LA County I can use.

Nothing’s wrong with it other than the compression tank is technically expired so I will probably want to replace it sometime in the next few years, but it came from being used by the city itself, not from an impound auction so it’s in good condition.

I’m unexpectedly in the market for my next car and I’m glad to know that someone can have luck on the used market. There are no delusions that I will be as lucky this time as I was last time.

It's about time things started to look up for you! :pinkiehappy:

A CNG. Cool. That's kind of a rare find. In Europe those were everywhere. I knew I guy in Italy who had a Jeep wrangler running off it.

Local governments are constantly selling their cars on publicsurplus.com that’s where I got this!

Lol, Lancaster. A great place, to be from. At least you got something good from it. :pinkiehappy:

Ah, good luck with it. :)

5330137 Neat! I doubt the tank is that bad, it being a sort of warm and dry climate out there, but hey, you never know. Can't really look inside of it, either. I bet that's a couple grand, though. In Iran, damn near every car is CNG. Apparently they have a lot of coal out there, so it's cheap. You wouldn't think a middle east country would have expensive gas, but there we are. Funny thing, we have a lot of coal here in the states as well (my state, especially, has the most coal per land of any US state). I guess gas has always been cheap, relatively speaking.

Anyhow, welcome back to the motorist club.

Let’s hope they have something with a double-DIN stereo (so I can swap it out for my better head unit)

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