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  • Sunday
    Short Hand: Rarity and Spike

    Just an older snippet I will probably repurpose for Short Hand eventually.

    - - -

    Spike is helping Rarity with her work. Ever since Twilight ascended and Shepherd's helped coach him through controlling his greed, he's become taller and bigger. And in many eyes, far more handsome.

    Spike: "Here, this is the needle you want."

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  • Sunday
    Short Hand: Missed Opportunity

    Shepherd is fixing some plumbing in Rarity's shop while Twilight and Rarity work on a dress, with Spike hoping accessories up.

    Rarity: "Darling, something just occurred to me. You were in Canterlot when dear Shepherd was discovered, were you not?"

    Twilight: "Oh, I was!"

    Rarity: "Then how did you and Spike never meet him?"

    Twilight: "Ah... Well..."


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  • Sunday
    Short Hand: Trusting Chaos

    One night, while Shepherd is reading at home... He hears some bells ringing, and then his walls turn purple. He sighs, and closes his eyes tightly.

    Discord: "Guess who?"

    Shepherd: "Not in the mood."

    Discord: "Aw, why must you be so hurtful, Shepherd? After all, I am reformed! Fluttershy said so herself!"

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  • Saturday
    Short Hand: The Dark Emperor Shepherd 8

    Shining Armor slowly came to, and took quick notes on his situation: His horn had a magic resistant ring around it, he was tied up, and he was sitting in a chair. No doubt he was about to be interrogated and tortured by the Evil Dark Emperor Shepherd.

    Shepherd: "Oh hey, he's coming around!"

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  • 1 week
    Short Hand: The Dark Emperor Shepherd 7

    At Canterlot Palace, Shepherd is pacing back and forth and trying not to trip over his own cape.

    Blueblood: "The entire Crystal Empire fleet is heading this way, Your Dreadfulness."

    Shepherd: *groans* "Oh good! More pressure! I don't suppose we could just tell Shining this is all a wacky sitcom plot?"

    Raven: "Alas my Dark Lord, he is unlikely to believe you."

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Hands: Canceled · 5:45pm July 1st

I gave it my all and for years I have tried to get Hands properly concluded. But the simple truth is, I am a different person than the one who started a crazy Human in Equestria parody that became indistinguishable from the real thing.

So in light of this, I have decided that Hands will never be continued as is.

Instead, I will continue the adventures of Andrew Shepherd, plucky human in Equestria, in a rebooted, better organized universe. You've seen the first such story: The Stars Revolt. More is coming.

Thank you for your patience and fandom.

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Comments ( 22 )

Understandable. Stuff shifts over time. Looking forward to seeing what you do in the reboot.

Well, while I'm sad Hands won't get a proper conclusion, I can only hope that The Stars Revolt will continue to be fun.

So, will The Stars Revolt be continued into a longer fic, or will there be multiple short fics, but interconnected?

Fair enough. I'm not the same person that I was when I started reading it, either.

Multiple short fics as part of a shared universe.

I'm sad that it has ended but hapy that I read it, and look forward to its reboot

Author Interviewer

Do you at least have some notes for the finale? I've seen other long-standing fics conclude that way in the past few years.

I was writing from the seat of my pants most of the time. But I may put in a coda I had hoped to put in at some point.

Well i guess i should read it till the reboot starts

I always thought that Hands works quite well as a series of interconnected snippets, without needing a definitive ending. Looking forward to your news story in any case.

"The New, Improved Eternal Vacuum, Model 2020!"

"That's right, Flim! Brand new, brand improved, brand-spankin' 20% cooler-"

"ETERNAL VACUUM MODEL 2020! Say it with me, Flam!"


Can honestly say that Hands was probably the third or fourth story here that I ever read.

Don't blame you, but still a downer.


...there better be Fluttershy and Twilight fighting over Andrew, still.

Too bad... :ajsleepy: I discovered this fic during it's last stint in the Featured box, and really enjoyed bingeing it. Glad to hear that there will be some additional follow up fics though, and I really did enjoy The Stars Revolt. Regardless, many thanks for all of your horse words! :twilightsmile:

Damn. Tis a shame. But sometimes you can not help but stop before something is done. Thanks for the time you have put into this and best of luck on your future endeavors.

I'm sorry to hear you're cancelling Hands but I know where you're coming from, I feel the same way about some of my own stories, and I look forward to the reboot.

I'm okay with this. Hands kinda went off the rail at the end. I'm totally fine with a collection of fun short stories that are connected.

Y'know, that's entirely fair.

Here's looking forward to what you do with all the new canon we got after Hands started.

Might want to remove the AN at the end of the Endgame Homage chapter then

Ah well, if it wasn't meant to be I wont fight it. However what you have is a good read, and I'm more than happy you canceled and deleted.

Thanks for giving us a great story.

In a lot of ways Hands mostly finished its main story arcs, and was really just going through epilogue stuff, as far as I could tell. Looking forward to more Stars Revolt.

You gave us a great story, so thanks. Heck I gotta get on my editor so we can finish the one I've had sitting for months.

I don't know how you'd feel about this idea. But you could let someone inherit the story and continue it. Hopefully someone who was as passionate as you were.

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