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So anyway, this BronyCon thing. · 5:42pm Jul 31st, 2019

Inbound, haltingly, on the southbound Amtrak from New York to Baltimore, and if there are no further sinkholes in our path (other than the one) I hope to be in town by Wednesday night. Somehow I've managed to convince them to let me talk at this thing, but for everyone's greater good, these opportunities will be limited. Nonetheless, if you for some reason want to see me make a fool of myself, you may do so at the following times. (Places subject to change, please check your program.)

2:30 PM, Hall of the Moon, "Writing Comedy". GaryOak always runs a lovely informative panel on humor, and he has once again graced me with the opportunity to talk to y'all within its confines.

6:00 PM, Main (Mane?) Stage, Opening Ceremonies. There will be ceremonies. That is all I know.

3:00 PM, Hall of the Sun. I will be introducing Cathy Weseluck, and, hopefully, that's all the talking I'll have to do. If I end up talking any more than that at this panel, something has gone horribly wrong.

1:00 PM, Mane Stage, "Voice Actor Script Reading" (possible catchier title in the final). Actual real voice actors from the cartoon read a episode script written about 80% by excellent-human-being non-changeling horizon. If I downplay my involvement too much horizon will hit me with a stick in a dark alley, so let's just say that I made up a portion of the other 20%. However small my contribution, having an official show VA possibly read one of my dumb jokes is about as close to "promoted fanboy" as I'm going to get, and I'm reasonably stoked.

8:30 PM, Harmony Plaza, Fanfiction CG Meet and Greet. There will be meeting. There will be greeting. If you are passionately interested in either of these two activities, THIS IS A CAN'T MISS EVENT.


4:00 PM, Mane Stage, Closing Ceremones. Again with the ceremonies. Come watch us adjourn BronyCon sine die and close this very weird chapter of my convention-going life.

I have no idea where I'm going to be the rest of the time, but I'll probably be in and out of the fanfic lounge, "Quills and Sofas" "Pastel Pastures" (note change) on your map, a couple times daily. At least when I'm not begging one of my many senpais to notice me.

Hope to see you there. One. Last. Time.

EDIT: I have arrived. Hold on to your butts. If, um, you're into that sort of thing. I will not judge.

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Comments ( 16 )

The track was clear from Trenton to Baltimore when I made it down. I make no guarantees about the traffic between the station and your hotel.

Have a great Bronycon!

No delays on my train from Newark to Baltimore, hopefully that holds true.

I too have many senpais whom I hope will grace me with their notice at this lil’ shindig. :derpytongue2:

Site Blogger

Inbound, haltingly, on the southbound Amtrak from New York to Baltimore,

Ah, a preview of my night. (Taking an overnight daily northbound train up tonight -- today's instance of the train, scheduled to arrive in Baltimore at 10:55 AM, is just now pulling into the station a little after 2PM. So far my instance of the train is on time, but the day is young...)

See you there!

Good luck - hope it goes well for you!


As do I. You would not believe how much as do I.

Looking forward to it loads and bunches!

Too many senpais... O.O

Thanks so much!

Rail cooperated well. No major delays to speak of.

BronyWriter is Cathy Weseluck's escort, if you need a POC.

Have a great Bronycon, sorry i am misisng it, im on call this weekend:pinkiesad2:

Site Blogger


How do you know who's escorting which guests of honor?

If I had to guess I would assume it's because BronyWritter blogged about it.

Good info! Thanks!

Author Interviewer

oh wow :O

Site Blogger

Ah, so we just know Cathy's. I was curious if there was a public list somewhere.


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