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My Favorite Straight Shipping And Their Stories · 6:28am Jun 7th, 2019

In spirit of the coming Straight Pride Day this month. Whenever that will be. I wanted to highlight my favorite shippings and the stories written about them. Let's start with......


I read many stories by this Jay David fella surrounding the romance between Flash and Sunset, and boy...I could not put those books down, so to speak. I just kept reading and reading, very interested in how this relationship works, and it was very intriguing. With some weird things the author chose to insert, but hey. Freedom of expression after all.

Unfortunately, he has blocked access to the stories I read, for reasons that are unknown to me. That's too bad.


I'm a sucker for young love, especially with the interesting drama and dynamics between Spike and Applebloom. Not only does their chemistry interest me, but when family gets involved, I.E. Twilight and Applejack, there tends to be a lot of potential drama that can be explored.

My favorite fic concerning this ship is Blooming Travels by Soniclink137. The plot revolves around both Spike and Applebloom running away from their families, each having their own reasons, bumping into each other, and going on an adventure together while being chased by the authorities. This was pretty exhilarating to read.


It is always amusing to read about a carefree wonderbolt and a down-to-earth farmer, loving and bickering with one another. I just love seeing them interacting with each other.

My favorite stories are: It's Always Sunny in Fillydelphia and Semper Fidelis by Bobcat. If I explain the story, I might spoil them, so just go check them out. They are worth the read.

Also, you might wanna read this hilarious fic by Captain Unstoppable: You Got Ma Sister What?!

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Oh man, I felt bad for Soarin here. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

And Finally


I don't care what the show writers say, this is the best ship in my humble opinion. The concept of an impulsive, confident, loudmouth mare who can't sit still, hooking up with a strong, grounded, and calm stallion, who's words are few, is...pretty intriguing to explore. I'm always curious on how this relationship plays out. I have Doctor Wolf to thank for introducing me to this ship:

Make it stop, by Captain Unstoppable...irony is funny sometimes. Anyway, ever since I've discovered this ship, I was hooked. I kept reading almost every MacDash shipping on-site (pun intended). I'll highlight the fics I liked:

Slow to Realize by Captain Unstoppable

Baby, it's Cold Outside by Captain Unstoppable

A Midsummer Day's Kiss by CategoricalGrant (Hilarious)

A little Bit Different by Propmaster

A taste of Apple and Cider by Grenazers

A Prank for a Prank by Spigo

Bury My Heart Next to Yours by Shrapmo (Unfortuntaely it was not completed. That's a shame)

Big Mac's Dream Journal by Trevosta (another uncompleted one. Damn, why do the good ones never finish?)


Rainbow Maralyn Dash by Mobius (interesting mini-war fic)

I saved the best one for last. This story is a combination of love and adventure done right. The relationship between Big Mac and Rainbow Dash was very organic in its development. The author did a superb job with this fic.

It's At Home on the Range by chief maximus.

Well, there you have it. Just wanted to share something for the occasion, before the show ends at least.

Take care everyone.

And remember: It's okay to be straight. :rainbowwild::eeyup:

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Well I do agree that Mac and Sugar shouldn't have been cannon. But that hasn't stop the shippers before.

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