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  • Friday
    AstralMouse's "Twenty-eight Boulders" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    There are any number of reasons to read today's story.

    Twenty-eight Boulders
    [Dark] [Drama] [Sad] • 2,038 words

    Queen Chrysalis has spent years in hiding. She has been very careful to avoid being caught, but her time spent alone and in constant fear has worn away her sanity.

    FROM THE CURATORS: One of the strengths of pony fanfic is the opportunity to read about characters far removed from ordinary life — so stories focusing on unusual viewpoints can be a treat to find.  And this tight, focused look at the far side of sanity hit all the right notes.  "I'm a sucker for a nicely done unreliable narrator, and this one pulled me right in with its harrowing, intense voice," AugieDog said in his nomination.  "We're locked with Chrysalis inside her head, and it's a place even she doesn't much want to be."

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  • 1 week
    ChudoJogurt’s “Sunset Shimmer and the Last Trial of Daring Do” [Royal Canterlot Library]

    Today’s story makes some daring choices.

    Sunset Shimmer and the Last Trial of Daring Do
    [Dark] [Adventure] [Alternate Universe] • 49,536 words

    [Note: This story contains sexual themes.]

    Trapped in the memories of her past adventures, bringing nightmares and dreams she does not want, she can’t stay home.

    There is only one creature in all of Equestria who can help her. Make her good and nice again, but how far will Sunset have to go to find her?

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  • 3 weeks
    Novel-Idea's "Spectrum of Gray" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    We hope our appreciation for today's story colors your expectations.

    Spectrum of Gray
    [Romance] [Drama] • 17,470 words

    Rainbow Dash and Applejack have cherished the years gone by at one another’s side, but beneath the wear of time, the fuel that is love can turn to ash and smother the flames they hold dear.

    Beyond the smoke rising from the cinders, they face an uncertain future. Now, they must come to terms with the harsh truth that, sometimes, love alone isn't enough to keep a marriage burning bright.

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    4 comments · 1,879 views
  • 4 weeks
    Phoenix_Dragon's "Without a Hive" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    Today's story will sneak into your favorites.

    Without a Hive
    [Romance] [Dark] [Adventure] [Sad] • 180,748 words

    Young Nictis had one dream: to serve his hive by becoming an Infiltrator, the most vital and vaunted role a changeling could aspire to. To hide in plain sight among the other species, blending in, while gathering the vital emotional energies that fueled his people. Few were deemed worthy of the dangerous job. He was one of the few nymphs selected for training, in the hopes that one of them would develop the skills needed to be entrusted with such a treacherous task.

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  • 5 weeks
    J Carp's "It Turns Out They're Windmills" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    Turn to today's story for some cross-dimensional drama with heart.

    It Turns Out They're Windmills
    [Equestria Girls] [Romance] [Comedy] [Drama] • 64,228 words

    As Fluttershy's birthday approaches, she learns two jarring things: not all of her friends are as fine with her new relationship as she had previously thought, and her human counterpart is extremely closeted.

    This is a story about queerness, friendship, bunnies, humans who think they're bunnies, magic explosions, and extremely terrible flirting.

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    13 comments · 2,248 views
  • 6 weeks
    Krickis' "Each Small Step" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    Today's story looks at some big problems.

    Each Small Step
    [Equestria Girls] [Romance] [Drama] [Slice of Life] • 13,137 words

    [Note: This story contains themes of sexuality and self-harm.]

    It’s been a long time since the Battle of the Bands, and a lot has changed for Aria. One of the bigger changes has been Sunset Shimmer. The two of them were never supposed to happen, but they somehow still did.

    Not that it matters. Nothing good ever lasts, not for Aria Blaze.

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  • 7 weeks
    CoffeeMinion's "Petunia and the Coelacanth" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    Dig into today's story.

    Petunia and the Coelacanth
    [Slice of Life] • 2,705 words

    Sometimes young Petunia Paleo's dreams seem impossible.

    Good thing dreams are Princess Luna's specialty.

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  • 8 weeks
    MrPeaches' "Wonka Vs. Applejack" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    Today's story goes down better than a Scrumpdiddlyumptious Bar.

    Wonka Vs. Applejack
    [Adventure] [Comedy] [Crossover] • 14,202 words

    Zap Apple season's in full swing on Sweet Apple Acres when a most peculiar visitor arrives -- Willy Wonka, world-famous candymaker! Thinking that the apple will be the perfect ingredient for a new line of candy, Wonka tries to convince a hesitant Applejack to part with some! But with Wonka things are never quite straightforward; when interdimensional magical mechanics and a legendary tree enter into the picture, our heroes might have been safer battling Hornswogglers, Snozzwangers and rotten Vermicious Knids!

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    7 comments · 2,221 views
  • 9 weeks
    RandomNPC's "Winning, and the pitfalls therein." [Royal Canterlot Library]

    Give today's story a chance to conquer your heart.

    Winning, and the pitfalls therein.
    [Comedy] [Random] [Alternate Universe] • 42,517 words

    What if the villains were allowed to win without a fight? Would all of their plans bear them the fruits they so desired?

    Probably not, especially when their royal adviser is Twilight Sparkle.

    A collection of (continuous) one-shots in which our heroes don't have any epic fights with villains, and simply allow the power of logic to crush all of the hopes and wishes of the would-be rulers of Equestria.

    FROM THE CURATORS: "It's a question every would-be tyrant has to face eventually," FanOfMostEverything quipped in our discussion.  "You've conquered the kingdom/world/galaxy/universe. Congratulations. Now what?"

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    7 comments · 2,816 views
  • 10 weeks
    Piccolo Sky's "The Sweet Spot" [Royal Canterlot Library]

    Today's story will hit the spot for fans of the MLP movie.

    The Sweet Spot
    [Drama] • 15,679 words

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders have dealt with all kinds of ponies having trouble finding their true calling in life, but none can compare to the special request they receive from Princess Twilight Sparkle herself, or the shock they receive on discovering who it is: Fizzlepop Berrytwist, possibly the most hated and feared pony in generations. Can a pony who's spent most of her life rejecting her true calling possibly find it now? Can the Cutie Mark Crusaders help a pony who almost everypony else in Equestria has rejected?

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Author Interview » Lost + Found Features: "Good Thing I'm So Organized" / "The Season of Grace" [Royal Canterlot Library] · 1:01pm March 8th

From time to time, despite our best efforts, we don't have an interview ready to post come Friday — but that doesn't mean we can't recommend some reading material! We keep track of the stories which passed our approval process but whose authors haven't responded to our contact attempts. We'd like to give these stories their time in the spotlight too, so here are two RCL-approved tales for your reading pleasure.

Good Thing I'm So Organized

By TacticalRainboom
[Slice of Life] • 5,215 words

Everypony knows Twilight Sparkle as the sweet, studious unicorn whose magic powers are matched only by her incredible focus and organizational skills. When Twilight's friends make fun of the way her checklists and schedules control her life, Twilight just laughs.

One day, for reasons known only to her, Twilight goes on an unstoppable organizing rampage. Soon, Rarity decides that she's had enough, and tries to stop Twilight before she organizes Carousel Boutique into oblivion.

Twilight Sparkle is very, very organized. Twilight Sparkle has never told anypony why she's so organized. Until now.

FROM THE CURATORS: "This story is a heck of a roller-coaster ride for its simple Slice of Life tag," Horizon said in his nomination.  "It starts out with some light (and gorgeously described) character drama over Twilight's OCD habits, and then peels back the mask for a surprisingly disquieting look at where those habits came from. Then it pulls off a clean double reversal and ends on the same light note with which it started, which is very much to the story's credit."  That ending drew most of our praise — for multiple reasons. "This is another great example of one of the things 'show, don't tell' means to me," AugieDog said.  "At the end, we're not just told that Twilight has learned the lesson, we see it happen, see her figure it out, see her apply it, and see her come to a changed understanding of herself and her world."

The strength of that example made it stand out amid other mental-health-focused stories.  "Other equally good stories about similar topics will end with simple affirmation of support for the afflicted, or some pithy aphorisms to try and quell the guilt and shame," Present Perfect said.  "But letting Twilight come to a realization about what's true about herself gives her agency and lets her take control of her OCD in a way that, while likely still idealized, is going to serve her much better in the future."  That lesson also came amid solid writing, as AugieDog noted: "The character voices are terrific across the board, too. A really nice little story."

The Season of Grace

By Willow Wren
[Romance][Slice of Life] • 2,582 words

Fluttershy wakes in the middle of the night on Hearth's Warming Eve to find Big Macintosh waiting for her outside. He has a surprise for her, and their subsequent adventure rekindles old feelings and memories of Hearth's Warmings past.

FROM THE CURATORS: This may be a Hearth's Warming story, but it's "a worthy feature at any time of the year," Soge said.  A rare unanimous approval drove that point home. "This is magic, pure and simple," AugieDog said, and what we found was a magic both easily accessible and with profound depth.  "There are some layers to the story that are so subtle I would've missed them entirely without reading the comments," FanOfMostEverything noted, "but even what I did pick up on is a beautiful tale of fulfilling dreams before it's truly too late to do so."

There were two factors we all agreed were behind the story's excellence.  "This smartly frames the story around the character dynamic, and sells it with quiet grace and vivid language," Horizon said in his nomination. "It's also quietly heartwarming and uplifting in a way that mirrors the show at its best."  Soge agreed: "The writing in this fic is just delightful, absolutely gorgeous from beginning to end, while never actually falling into the trap of going into over-saccharine territory."  Present Perfect summed it up: "It's rare to read a story so suffused with joy. Rarer still, one so elegantly written. Lush imagery, a happy pony, and a damned good ship: what more do you need?"

Read more features right here at the Royal Canterlot Library, or suggest stories for us to feature at our Fimfiction group.

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Comments ( 7 )

"a worthy feature at any time of the year,"
"and a damned good ship"

The first cannot be true, because the second is false. Autoreject.

Comment posted by Teamfluttercord deleted Saturday
Baree #3 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

These sounded interesting, so I looked into both. To find out I already read both. Read them again anyway.

I didn't see this post until after the fact, so you can imagine my confusion when I saw that a random story from 2013 had inexplicably snuck back into the popular column.

I liked GTISO. Not to the extent that you guys did, but it was good enough to get a thumbs up from me. Still have to check out that other one, though.

Author Interviewer

It's good to know we can have that effect. :)


Let people enjoy their ships.

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