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It is always hard to post something on Candybutt Day... · 6:49pm February 14th

...without feeling like I'm doing this to a significant chunk of my readership. Nevertheless, Happy February Pink Heart-Themed Day to everyone.

(This is leaving aside that, technically, in the headcanon, Cady's holy day isn't Pony Valentine's Day Hearts and Hooves at all, but is instead the pegasus version of the Veneralia. Sadly, April 1 is pretty well claimed in Western pop culture.)

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Comments ( 29 )

Candybutt Day. I approve.

Hmm. I find myself wondering what Twilight's holy day might be. And how she'd react to ponies venerating her.

:twilightoops: "Wait, wait, wait. Since when did students invoke my name before tests?"
Cheerilee: "I'm pretty sure a few were doing it before you got the wings."

But yes, happy Heartbutt Day.

As much as I'd enjoy having a significant other to celebrate Valentine's Day with, my current situation sort of prevents that. But what I'm doing is rather important, so I'm okay with it. :twilightsmile:

Happy Valentine's Day non the less!

Autumnal equinox, just for symmetry's sake... which would mean Cadance would get the Vernal one.

...Hm. I wonder if that Pegasus Veneralia/April Fools' Day conflict could be used in a story?
(And I don't think I'd heard of Veneralia before, so thanks for the bit of education. :))

There are only two solstices and two equinoxes, though. So what does Flurry get?

Huh, I did not know about that holiday. Thanks! Happy Heart Day to you all!

More Alicorn Holiday Headcanon:

I have Cadance's day on the Spring Equinox, for the same reasons I associate her with the dawn.

Nightmare Night is actually the anniversary of Luna's fall, her holiday is the Winter Solstice.

Celestia's is of course the Summer Solstice.

So, for reasons of symmetry, Twilight's holiday should be on the Autumn Equinox. Which is fitting, as Autumn is the twilight of the year. Her celebration is of course all about knowledge and learning, and timed perfectly for the beginning of the fall academic season.

We're missing at least one ascension. The Alicorns are Day and Night, Love and Friendship. We don't know what Flurry Heart will be, though odds are she'll be a pretty big deal given she's a spontaneous alicorn. But we should expect at least one more that matches her.

This, of course, assumes that Flurry Heart isn't actually Cadance reincarnated (achronally) because that's how her immortality works. Love shouldn't have to outlive their family by too much after all.

Or I'm just over-extrapolating, and Flurry Heart is Princess of Explosions. In which case her holiday will CLEARLY be early July.

I do like to imagine that Cadance got a bit of Celestia's puckish side without needing quite as much gravitas to counter it.

And then the Festival of Twilight becomes the traditional beginning of the school year, and she becomes every foal's least favorite princess...

Yep, it’s very sad. But at least it stops them from worshipping her!

Although Twilight being Princess of Friendship has also contributed to the idea that school should be a social time and a place to make friends as much as one for pure learning. Which, given Twilight’s own history, she finds very ironic.


The Alicorns are Day and Night, Love and Friendship.

"Princess of Love" was only ever a fanon term. The closest Cadance got to a description of her role a la the others' was in the deleted intro to The Movie, which called her Princess of Family. FWIW, that same intro called Celestia Princess of the Day, and Luna Princess of the Night, just like you did - and not Princess of the Sun and Princess of the Moon (which are fanon terms).

Flurry Heart Destroyer of Worlds :twilightoops:

No, seriously. Look at baby alicorn Twilight from the latest short, and then at Flurry. She's a monster!

Well I thought we were deep, DEEP in fanon land anyway. That said, in some ways I like Princess of Family better (and other ways less) because Friendship is a type of love.

So if we run with that interpretation, Cadance is Princess of Storge and Twilight is Princess of Philia. Older scholars would have associated Celestia with Agape and Luna with Eros, but it's possible that the other two Princesses of Love hadn't appeared yet and Flurry is one of them. We'll have to wait for her to grow up to find out. Given she's a spontaneous alicorn, though, rather than ascended, Agape is most likely.


In Twilight's Kingdom, Twilight called her "protector of the Crystal Empire," which I spun a whole Thing out of (with Skywriter's esteemed help!)

(Edit: which you already know, duh, didn't read who I quoted until after I posted *skullpalm*)

(Actually Skywriter, I am so very glad I did that then, since not only have I not had the time (much less the energy) to try writing anything since then, but it was so useful, because I was able to put what I learned off you there to help a mate of mine write his own fanfiction (which is, flatteringly, basically one of the gaming universe we play in - and ye gods, if you thought mine was difficult, he basically mde more or less every "don't" aside from having an actual Mary-Sue!), but it also helped me a little proof-reading my starship rules.)


To destroy everything! Princess of Destruction for the win! Huzzah! Best alicorn!

Flurry Heart will be the Princess of Ice Cream—for a while, at least.

"This, of course, assumes that Flurry Heart isn't actually Cadance reincarnated (achronally) because that's how her immortality works. Love shouldn't have to outlive their family by too much after all."
Hmm, intersting idea!
(I mean, you do have a lot of those. :))

"I do like to imagine that Cadance got a bit of Celestia's puckish side without needing quite as much gravitas to counter it."
Hm. Not what I was thinking of, but now that you mention it, perhaps also a possibility.

Yeah, we've traded views on this topic before :twilightsmile:

It's been a while since I've read Heart of the Matter, though. Might give it a re-read some time.

I've come to loathe the modern idea of a holiday, anyway. People should just not put so much stock into a single day of the year.


So what does Flurry get?


> inb4 "Flurry Heart 2: Flurry Harder"

In a world...where Friendship is Magic...


In a world ... where Friendship is Magic ...


[Camera pans over the peaceful land of Equestria, with ponies laughing and playing.]


... and Cutie Marks are destiny.

[PRINCESSES CELESTIA AND LUNA stare at the horizon. CELESTIA'S Mark glows as she lowers the sun. LUNA'S Mark glows as she raises the moon. MRS. COZY, tea Mark on her flank, comes in from the foreground to push a teacart to the laughing Princesses, past a GUARD with a spear and shield Mark.]


There is a princess for every season ...

[Cut to a four-way split, with CELESTIA at the Summer Sun, PRINCESS TWILIGHT at a harvest festival, PRINCESS CADANCE at a spring fair, and LUNA on the snowy night of Winter Moon. Each camera zooms in to a close-up of their faces framed by their seasonal colors. The faces freeze into a portrait quadriptych.]


... And every pony has a role.

[The camera zooms back from the quadripytch, which is a portrait set hanging over CANTERLOT CASTLE'S twin thrones. On the royal dais, the FOUR PRINCESSES are hosting a ceremony with LLAMURABI, THE KING OF EVEN-TOED UNGULATES.

The camera pulls back further, and faster, over the heads of an ENORMOUS PONY CROWD, until it backs through a small window at the back of the hall, into a DARK PALACE HALLWAY, where BLANK-FLANKED TEENAGED PRINCESS FLURRY HEART — in royal regalia — stares at the ceremony.

A single tear rolls down her cheek as she turns to leave.

The camera backs away to lead Flurry as she stalks down the hall, keeping her squarely in frame with the window behind. More tears spill down her cheeks. Her jaw begins to quiver. Ominous music builds.

Then her eyes widen as CROWD SHRIEKS begin offscreen.]

CADANCE (OS): (Screams)

[FLURRY HEART whirls around and bolts back for the window — just as a LARGE EXPLOSION blasts the hall apart and rockets her into the camera.]


[Light gradually pierces the darkness as rubble shifts. A large chunk of wall slides away, revealing a scene of utter devastation. A pink-white hoof bursts through the rubble, followed by a bruised FLURRY HEART. The camera pulls up as she screams — revealing that the flattened castle is entirely motionless and silent.]

FLURRY: Noooooooooooooooooo!


For Princess Flurry Heart ...

[Flurry poses in a martial arts stance, legs trembling, body covered in bloody bandages, as the DALAI LLAMA circles her form and adjusts one of her outstretched hooves. A new Cutie Mark of a double-edged sword is prominently emblazoned on her flank.]


... And some unlikely friends ...

[GABBY is walking down the alleyway when a MINOTAUR grabs her by the shoulder and whirls her around, a blade to her throat.]

MINOTAUR: Gabby! You are DEAD!

[GABBY grins, and green fire dances around her form, leaving behind a smirking PHARYNX.]


[The MINOTAUR crumples to the ground as THE REAL GABBY walks into frame, claws clutching a now-broken chair.]

GABBY: Nice try! But wrong on both counts.


[Various preparations, as FLURRY, GABBY and PHARYNX equip a succession of weapons. FLURRY puts a stripe of face paint under her eyes. This is interspersed with teaser flashes of pitched battle scenes against ALPACASSASSINS and REINDEER SLAY TEAMS.]

... that role is vengeance.


[A crowd of ROWDY TOUGHS is cheering and betting on a pit fight between two flaming kirin. Money is being exchanged and salt is being openly licked. Suddenly, FLURRY HEART bucks the front door open, GABBY and PHARYNX at her shoulders. The crowd goes silent as they turn to her.]

FLURRY: I'm either here to kick butt or chew bubblegum!

[FLURRY'S horn lights red, and a glowing blood-red aura unsheathes four different swords.]

FLURRY: And I don't like bubblegum.




[Glowing red eyes open up in the darkness. An ominous silhouette shifts and advances.]

???: Mmmmhahaha. I knew the Last Princess would be back. So. Are you ready to accept my help?

[FLURRY HEART steps forward, bleeding and alone, hornglow weak, a grim expression on her muzzle.]

FLURRY: I think you know the answer to that.


(I should probably tag you on 5016201, shouldn't I.)

Glad you did. Bonus points for Llamurabi, who famously declared "spit in an eye for spit in an eye."



Best not-a-changeling (TM) knows the importance of puns and finding appropriate work for best reformed changeling.


Best not-a-changeling (TM)


I'd rather have your holiday than April Fools. Pegasus Veneralia sounds interesting, if possibly a bit intense.

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