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Back home from Everfree NorthWest - Thoughtful Blog Post tomorrow - Cute picture today · 5:38am May 25th, 2018

ReaderRyn has produced an adorable final figure of The Traveling Tutor's family of Green Grass/Twilight Sparkle/Clover.

Credit: Katyscornertx at Deviantart and posted to Equestria Daily in the Pony Crafts and Custom section.

Quite literally, the wife and I just dragged into the house about an hour ago after three and a half days driving. I'll be a wit tomorrow, but I'm only half a wit right now. Expect a post filled with joy about Everfree NorthWest and the fun of spending a week and a half driving across the country with a rock-collecting science teacher (Honest, Mount St. Hellens looked like that before we visited. Just don't look in our trunk. And Mount Rushmore only had three faces when we arrived. Really.)

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Man, this was one of the first fanfics I read on the site back in 2016.

I loved the story right to the end.

You should feel proud - a fan made figures out of your story! :pinkiehappy:

Sounds like a fun trip!

4869063 I'm darned proud. And I've gotten better at writing. The One Who Got Away is my best short-form romance so far, and the sequel Drifting Down the Lazy River is my best long-form romance. In ten years or so, I may get good at this writing stuff.

Heh, got those on my anon-list for future reading - added them to the list, too.

Will have to read them when time allows. :twilightsmile:

4869097 The One Who Got Away now comes in the convenient YouTube Playlist, thanks to the wonderful people who did the reading.

Thanks for the link, though I am old-fashioned enough to actually enjoy paper books.:moustache:

Those require lots of space, so digital is my best pick. :twilightsmile:

But I digress.

Thanks for sharing - who knows, maybe I'll give it a shot. To get on with the times. :twilightsmile:

Aww. Adorable nerdhorse family. :twilightsmile:

Is it just me or Lord Green Grass give off a country-boy aura?

It’s the hat. Mares dig the hat.:eeyup:

*Rolls eyes* Whatever you say, dear.:facehoof:

Congrats on making home again! It was a pleasure to meet you in person finally. I myself am still trying to make total sense of my own experience and I hardly ever left the vending hall.

Did you steal Mt. St. Helens?

Don't worry, I won't tell. But, uh, Washington may want that back if they ever find out... :raritywink:

Seeing the whole family in proper toy form is just fucking awesome. Honestly, Georg, I feel like Green Grass is the only stallion out there for Twilight Sparkle, and it's all because of your wonderful characterization. You are so gifted at making deep, interesting characters in all your stories!

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