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Ytak reads. A lot. Probably spends too much time reading. Or that sentence blasphemous?

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  • 19 weeks
    I made it.

    The doctor is in.
    In case the below image doesn't work.

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  • 19 weeks
    User Name Change from ReaderRyn to Ytak

    I changed my user name from ReaderRyn to Ytak.
    Been debating it awhile but it "Ytak" is my oldest handle and the same one I like to use on the other fanfic sites I haunt. It just feels right to use it here, too. :)

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  • 20 weeks
    The Prettiest Plague Doctor Mask

    So, one of my friends shared this pieced and quilted plague doctor mask. I admit, I went "oooooo, pretty." Then I looked at the directions and laughed. That's a lot more work than I want to do (though I do have the skill to do it). But there is a pattern to the simplified mask. That I'm

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  • 59 weeks

    After three weeks of visiting family, only grandma and I are in the house. Finally. Maybe now I can catch up on the backlog of stories.

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  • 66 weeks

    I got sucked into the land of sewing for the last four or five days. I was in the mood and inspired to make skirts for a friend's daughter. Amazing what is and isn't updated while I'm lost in the land of creating. I even used metallic thread for a bit of embellishment and, for the first time, put pockets in skirts. I don't know if they are big enough. I was making a guess on the size

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Fan Art · 9:46pm May 22nd, 2018

More customized ponies. I actually started these two a few months back but wasn't in the mood until recently.

My interpretation of Idol Hooves from The Changeling of the Guard.

An aged up Clover from the end of The Traveling Tutor and the Royal Exam.

Just for fun. A family portrait of Green Grass, Clover, and Twilight Sparkle.

Idol Hooves and Clover

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Comments ( 4 )

oh my gosh, what? That's adorable!

:heart: !!!!!!!!

I just realized the images weren't linked properly. Grrr. Now they'll take you to my dA. :p

And I just posted it. Love it to bits. :)

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