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RIP Stephen Hawking · 5:13am Mar 14th, 2018

I was about to head off to bed when I checked the news...

Obituary: Stephen Hawking

I won't lie, when I read "The Brief History of Time" I was more than a bit baffled. But as time went by and I heard and read about what he and other scientists were discussing, how thanks to them our understanding of the universe has grown so much that it trickled down to others like me, who slowly learned what these geniuses brought to us... I was thankful to be alive when we were apparently moving towards a greater understanding.

I thought about saying some words in other social media sites, but when I clicked the news and I saw some idiots using his dead to basically "Check-mark one more for God!" I figured I'd share my brief thoughts here, rather than there. If your reaction to losing one of the greatest minds to ever live is to use that to promote your version of religious-fueled hate, then you're showing no respect to either your religion or the departed.

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The world has lost one of it's greatest minds, and he was an inspiration to those suffering from terminal illnesses too. He'll be missed :raritydespair:


to be honest no one respects the dead really i'm not religious even if your respecting the departed in some way you are disrespecting them think aout it what if someone said don't respect me when i'm dead but than you do it your basically disrespecting the departed that just my two cents on the respecting departing part oh by the way i think we would've still gotten at what we are now even if he didn't exist somethings have to happen right but he will be missed :fluttershysad:

Taking spiteful glee at the death of a peaceful man who tried to help the human race because no one ever gave him a good reason to have faith in your god.

Truly Christian behavior, right there.

(And FYI, since sarcasm doesn't translate well: I am mocking their failure to be Christ-like a vast an amazing number of levels, rather than RARR CHRISTIANS DUMB)

Whether or not I agreed with him when it came to religion, I still mourn the passing of one of humanity’s greatest minds. RIP Mr Hawking

As such, I will not bring up religion... other than my first thought upon seeing this news was 'Goddammit...'

Press F to pay respect to a great mind.

And you are being disrespectful of those who wish to pause and remember someone who did more in his lifetime to change the world in the name of science than whole nations have done in the entirety of their existence.

Rest in peace, Professor Hawking. :fluttershysad:

I have always felt the Universe was like a program runing in a vast computer and God was the great Programmer. And having worked with many gifted programmers I learned that by studying the way a program was put together one can see in some small way the mind of the one who wrote it. So in my mind Hawking , Einstein,and others have gifted us with a glimpse of God's mind and for that reason if no other they will be missed and mourned deeply.

Not going to lie, I actually cried after learning he died.

hey i'm not trying to be i was just saying and i'm not really into sciency stuff so i don't know much of his work i'm more into quantum physics and the multiverse theory

that guy was my childhood i was always watching documentaries and so on the he was in

So passes one of the greatest minds of our time. Rest in peace.

Dude what the hell

okay i did say he will be missed i'm just stating my opinion idk why people taking it serious like thats the worse thing you saw

The opinion was not neaded, but good night

well its called an opinion for a reason it doesn't really matter if its needed or not you don't take it serious or don't even freaking read it if it bothers you so much

He made ASL kneel to him and he lived a life worth living. Godspeed, you magnificent man.

That was a contradicting comment, not into sciency stuff but into quantum physics and the multiverse theory? Since both fields do rely on the scientific method (even though the multiverse theory still a working hypothesis). Both fields can be considered as sciency as well, and Stephen Hawking was into quantum physics. So it is strange that you don't know much about him at that particular field.

And yes, it was an unneeded opinion, it could've waited a bit longer if you had the need to state it.

We can't really be surprised, no doctors expected him to survive the 90's.

The loss of this man is a loss for all mankind.

I am sorry than i say stuff as i think it now that I realize it thats pretty bad but i guess thats what make me different and well i more into the multiverse theory though since their is evidence that its true but circumstancal evidence

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." -Stephen Hawking

Maybe it's because your "opinion" is the drunken ramblings of a total jerkwad who clearly lacks the social graces to know what is and isn't appropriate behavior in the wake of a great man's passing?

You need to learn to read the room. A solemn moment is not the time for a drunken rant.

I am not usually one for religious rants, but this needs be said for any who say that Stephen Hawking's death is a "checkmark" for God.

I am a Christian and it does not matter what religion you are, mocking the dead especially someone who struggled and achieved great thing like Stephen Hawking is despicable behavior. We'll mock politicians until pigs fly, but I cannot think of a single person in my church who would do this. If they did, it would be up to them to make up for it and they would be shunned for it. This is not what God and Christ as tried to teach us. Hate is not the answer. Respecting the dead means that if there is a fault you found in the deceased then you are to express it in a respectable manner. Do not mock his death because he did not believe in God, pray for his soul and hope he has found peace. That is the Christian way.

Any Christian who mocks science is a uneducated, narrow-minded moron or is so insecure in their own faith they must attack everything else. Though the history is complex, many people of science were of and backed by the faith. The Vatican has one of the best science labs in the world. We Christians believe that God made this world and we seek to understand His creation.

Stephen Hawking was a great man. You cannot pick up a science fiction book nowadays and not see the influence he had over the field, to the point where several characters in fiction are based on him. He took the failings of his own body in stride, put his talents to use and made a difference in the world. His life is an inspiration to anyone suffering from physical disability or from any disability period.

Rest in peace, Professor Stephen Hawking. Your mind was enlightened, your works were as many as great and the world is saddened by its loss if you.

Feel free to bash me for ruining the mourning of this great man to talk about religion. I'm okay with it.

Personally, I do not believe that science and religion are mutually exclusive. Make whatever you will of that.

Author Interviewer

oh nooooo D:

Does remind me of some pretty sick comments I read from time to time about great people who passed away.

I’m not a jerkwad hell i might ne an ass and yes i ramble on don’t need to be an ass about it sheesh

I honestly don't care what religion a person follows unless it starts hurting other people. i do however think it's important to remember this; every holy text was written with the hands of a human claiming to have heard the words of and knows the will of their god. Nowadays people would look at you as if you were insane for making such a claim, and yet people JUMP at the opportunity to do it with people who had less understanding about how the world works than we do nowadays. They grasp at straws to find any sort of proof for their belief but find that all of their 'proof' is intangible and invisible to anybody who wants solid evidence. And while i think that something like religion, which deals with the state of a person's soul, should it even exist, needs to remember that everybody thinks their religion is the right one, they all have the same 'proof', and that a person will never truly know what comes after death until after it has passed. Believe what you want, but keep this in mind.

I have my own views on what religion is and what may happen to me after death, and what just god may actually be, but i know that i hold the capacity to be wrong just like everybody else.

Steven Hawking though? That's somebody who's presence can't be denied, and he did their best to improve our understanding of the fields he worked with. that alone with worthy of a great respect no matter where you come from or what religious views you hold. It's sad that he won't be actively helping us progress anymore, but he's done a lot. That should earn him his rest, whatever form that may take.

--half awake rants.

The world has gotten a lot less brighter. RIP Mr. Hawking.

If it makes everyone feel better, despite his illness he lived until he was 76. That fact actually made me feel better when I heard the news.

People are all so sad he's gone "so soon" and they might not realize he was supposed to have died 50-odd years ago. Truly an inspiration to persevere and excel, leaving the world a better place. Something we should all try to do.

He turned 2 years into 50.

You're a fucking dick. Keep that shit to yourself.


hey i'm not trying to be i was just saying and i'm not really into sciency stuff so i don't know much of his work i'm more into quantum physics and the multiverse theory

That - is science stuff. I'm not sure what you're talking about.
Hawking was also a major contributor to both.

Because you're a dick.

i made a mistake don't we all sheesh i apologize for being rude and offensive damn

Mr. Hawking was a great man, aided with a fantastic mind and a fierce will. He will be missed greatly.

Meh. Rest in peace, I guess. Maybe he and Carl Sagan can reach through the aether and slap Tyson and Nye upside the heads for us.

Dude. As somebody who takes pride in being a misanthropic jackass...

Shut up.

Nobody asked for your opinion, and this was certainly not the right place to air it.

i am sorry i apologize

Don't worry, he's soaring the stars now, and also one with the Force. LLAP Mr. Hawking. :'(

Edit: You're damn right, Wanderer, after I just saw that part, that pissed me off so badly I could go as koo-koo crazy as Unikitty. >:(

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