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Endings and Beginnings · 12:14pm Sep 18th, 2017

Hey'all. Once again it's been embarrassingly long.

Let's just get the worst news out of the way: I've decided this is it for Uniformity. I'm not going to finish it. It's officially dead. After this long most people probably assumed it was dead anyway, even with the update a few months ago. I had honestly hoped, and I've kept meaning to sit down and wrap it up, but honestly I doubt it would have happened anytime soon. Sometimes you just have to move on, even if it's sad :applecry:

I've made a decision to wipe the slate clean, ruthlessly rid myself of all baggage (such as unfinished stories), and start over fresh. I'm not going to stop writing, quite the opposite, but whatever I write in the future won't be under this handle and will be focused on original, professional writing rather than fanfiction.

What exactly will happen to this account, I'm not sure yet. Maybe I'll leave my best stories here for posterity. Maybe I'll wipe the whole account. Maybe I'll upload a few of the stories I'm proudest of somewhere, under a different name. Maybe maybe, we'll see.

If you like my writings and hope to see more, even if it's not pony related (or even if it is), I'm happy to hear in the comments. I'll see about giving some kind of word of where you can follow my continued writings, once I get that far.

Cheers, and thanks for the pony ride. It's been a blast, and I have some fond memories.

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Comments ( 15 )
Author Interviewer

Whatever you do, don't wipe the account. :(

Wiping it completely probably wouldn't really serve much purpose. There's some nostalgia here, I admit.

Best of luck on your future endeavours!


don't wipe the account. :(

I second this. I would hate to see all your past work get memory holed.

As Celestia Is My Witness was the first fic I commented on here at FimFic.

I really enjoyed Uniformity, doesn't sting too much though because, as you said, it has been so long since it saw regular updates. I wouldn't wipe the account as a lot of people will still get enjoyment from your other stories. Even though it was never finished, you were able to pump out a lot of material and it was of good quality, all great signs if you want to write more professionally. Best of luck to you!

Uniformity was the first big fanfic I ever read.

I recommend marking any incomplete fics you don't think you'll continue as Cancelled, and maybe publish a final chapter of some of your notes to give readers some idea of where you were going with the story. It can help give closure to your most dedicated followers.

Do whatever floats your boat, I'll post a link to https://www.fimfiction.net/user/116950/Fimfarchive once you are gone for those who want to find your stories.

A meme to explain my feelings on this matter somehow does not feel appropriate.

Uniformity is one of those stories that takes several familiar concepts, put a slightly different spin on each of them, and then combines them expertly. The result is something that feel both old and new, and it works brilliantly.

I'm sad to see it will never be finished, because I really was hoping to find out how that would play in full. I'm in agreement with 4671897 regarding what you might do with any stories you don't think you'll be able to finish. All we ever really want is to read a story to completion or, if that is not possible, to know that the characters we've come to know and even love will find their happiness, even if it's not quite a happily ever after.

Problem is, I myself don't really know how I planned to end it. I did have a plan when I started out writing it, but somewhere along the way that plan got lost. Now, I only really know what's going to happen one, maybe two chapters ahead. I could probably sit down and dig deep in my brain for some thoughts on how it would end, but there's no guarantee that's how it would actually have ended if I did finish writing the story: my experience with plans is that plans change, all the time.

I can say that it was always meant to have a happy ending, at least. It doesn't have the Sad or Tragic tags, and that was always deliberate.

Sorry to see you go, but delighted to hear you'll keep writing. I'd love to hear where you wind up and what you write as I enjoy your stuff and I add my voice to the tumult begging you not to wipe the account. The stories will still be findable with the archive and all you'll be doing is burning bridges, which you don't seem the type to do.


Uniformity was the first big story I got into here. It was a wonderful feeling, being swept up in this big, grand story, and waiting for the next update.

You painted this entire world, with its own history and mythology, and I'm sad to see it go.

That said, you gotta do your own thing. Best of luck in your future writing career!

And please leave your stories and account here. There's still folks who can enjoy your stories, who just haven't read them yet. And don't hesitate to whip up a quick story when you happen to have ponies rattling around in your head and want a break from writing reality. I'm still going to follow you, just in case.

While I am disappointed that the story will go unfinished I can understand why you did it. Sometimes a project drags on too long and you just can't finish it. I would be most interested in at lest knowing what you'll be doing in the future and hope that you chose to leave your work up. As someone who has often wished to erase his past work and latter regretted it I would urge you to do so.

It is a sad day in the world of fimfiction to see you leave. However it is lovely to know that you plan on moving on to bigger and better things.

Why not try to pass on the torch. I'm sure somebody here on Fimfiction would love to grab the reigns and finish the story for you. Why not let people "audition" to finish your story. :)
That way everyone gets their closure and you don't have to feel bad for never completing it cause with the magic of friendship someone else can finish it for you.

anyway just an idea. I wish you all the best in the world. Keep knocking everyone day with your brilliant words.

That's actually not a bad idea, perhaps. If anyone's willing to take a stab at finishing the story, they're absolutely welcome. If what they write is any good, I may even link to it, or even make it the official ending, though I make no guarantees. I'll give that some thought.

Not sure how many could be interested in taking on such a job, but you never know.

Great to hear that I could help!

I'm not really up to writing something of your calibre but I'm sure somebody would be delighted as I would be if I had the talent. Anyway once again good luck in your future endeavours. Hope to see you in the future. :scootangel:

I'm in agreement with the folks urging you to leave your work here, unwiped (there HAS to be a better term for that). It's a shame whenever I really want to share someone's story, art, or music with a friend, only to find that they've vanished and taken all their material with them. It might be embarrassing for you, but your work can still speak to people, even in a perpetually unfinished state.

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