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    Dramatis Personae

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Five Years Later · 1:54am Jun 29th, 2017

Fallout: Beyond Equestria
Final Session Log

Dramatis Personae
(as written by Scorch Mechanic)

Bookwright: Unicorn. Upright caretaker of memory and history. Desires to see history remembered, so society is not condemned to repeat it.

CopyCat: Green Alicorn. Occasionally confused, always cheerful healer and therapist. Desires to make the world a better place.

Get Lost Solaris: Earth Pony. One of the Solaris company, her cutie mark ended up being an unfulfilled prophecy. Healer, cyberneticist, and prosthetic surgeon extraordinaire. Desires to heal the wounded, and break the curse of Solaris.

Golden Dream: Earth Pony. Uptight, prone to swearing, cares deeply and powerfully about her loved ones. Her desire for revenge nearly ended her many times, but ultimately she overcame it. Desires to see ponies enjoying good food and drink, to ensure that no-one ever goes hungry.

Mitzi: Diamond Dog. Set out to prove her father wrong, and by golly she did it. An exceptionally successful mother. Desires better relations between ponies and diamond dogs, despite much tension.

Noble Heart: Purple Alicorn. A mare with a mysterious past, she sought to purge her own demons through service. And so, she has earned her cutie mark again. A whole pony, now she works to undue the megaspell sins of the past.

Shatara: Griffin. Claims to be a mercenary. Certainly the greatest griffin sniper on wings. Whether he's better than a certain pegasus is up in the air. Very quiet, withdrawn fellow, with a good heart. What does he desire? Perhaps not even he knows...


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see ya space cowboys

Very interesting 5 years later thing. Had no context though. Can I hope to find that on this site now or in the (near, please?) future? (Please say yes Please say yes Please say yes.)

I'm afraid this is it. There is no more.


"Five Years Later" isn't just a conceit. It's a direct reference to how long the game was played: just over five years. In fact, I was in it for exactly five years and two days (not counting this week). My first session was June 20th, 2012.

Nearly every wednesday.

Until today.

No more.

It's been a helluva ride. I'll see y'all on the other side...

Always sad to see an epic campaign come to an end. I miss the days of playing table top with friends. I hope you all get a chance to do it again with each other and I bet it was one hell of a ride. Remember the end is really not an end but the beginning of something new.

Very appropriate music choices, Kkat. :raritywink:

Would love to read a full story of the campaign. Even this little glimpse alone had lots of intriguing things. Though I'm sure Mitzi's dialogue would drive me insane for a while.

sorry to hear that wish u well

i lost connection at the beginning of it, can you believe that!? well, doesn't matter (actually it DOES matter, but i can't do anything about it... le sigh), it was awesome anyway, thank you to everyone

Extremely satisfying to read the end of a long campaign, even when it isn't yours. I really like how you wrote it in the style of the Fallout credit sequences, too, it was a really nice touch.

And thanks for posting the character sheets, I'm happy to have reference of some played characters so I can see how things will end up in my future campaign.

Congratulations on finishing it, I've seen far to many RPGs die out over the years, so it's very inspiring to see this one come to a definitive conclusion.

Is there an archive of the whole thing? I'd love to read it.

Ok, I figured, but I think he ment the other 5 years of roll playing ya'll did, put into a story format, with the Author's Note giving credit to the proper people.

You're welcome. I'm not responsible for all the logs, but I am responsible for the vast majority of them. It is my intention to, at some point in the near future, combine every scrap of everything (all the logs, character sheets, character art, audio, maybe even table chatter etc.) into one zipped up file for easy reading. Or something. I dunno.

Awesome! Let me know when you have that. I would absolutely love a copy. In the meantime, I have a bunch of reading to do :twistnerd:

Could you please send me the latest version of the PnP rules you were using for your sessions?

BTW, is there a Bestiary of sorts or does the GM have to write stats for all the monsters, NPCs and other encounters themselves?

Not to my knowledge. You should probably ask Kkat herself.

There is not. I once tried to gather the energy to create a community beastiary, but..... ran into motivation problems.

That's too bad. But I hear you. I once tried to translate the game into Russian. Didn't go far. I probably still have the wips somewhere on my gdrive

I'm in the last leg of my own IRL FoE game, though I think I might tinker with the system too much to have a bestiary that could be used by others.

Good luck there

What's your campaign about?

4600239 The system is designed with the idea that GMs will create their own NPCs and threats, and it gives them the tools to do so. There isn't a pre-fabricated bestiary. Instead, the second tab on the perks spreadsheet has all the monster perks and how to build monsters.

They are built much like an NPC. All monsters have a Threat trait that tells you how many Hit Points they have, how many bonus points they have to spend on SPECIALs and how many Tagged Skills they receive. The Threat trait is also often a pre-requisite for perks. This allows the GM to create and scale monsters, while making sure that they are properly balanced.

I meant no disrespect. Most of my monsters follow the system that is laid out, to a point.



It was a loooong time ago but I used a different approach to the monsters in my game and i find it worked pretty well: instead og viging them HPs i gave them a number of rounds they could last taking massive damage, if the group succeeded in going above a total of damage dealt in a round, that was okay. if they didn't but damaged the monster, it still counted half a round, and then had them fight. usually it made the fight last exactly what i needed it to last, instead of having mobs being overpowered in a blink of an eye, or others wipe the group completely.

I know that this can't apply to every situation, but keep it in mind for fights with a more narrative plot, where you want the monster to use some sort of special move at some point, or battles with dialogues in them and such

4609786 That's a really cool system. :pinkiegasp: I like it! :rainbowdetermined2:

Five years... hell, I'd like to do something like that... though I consider myself lacking necessary GM skills...
It's sad to see the campaign go, but at the end of the line should be a dot... *sigh* bittersweet. It's all so bittersweet...

Thanks for the interesting idea, by the way. I find it curious and quite useful.)

tfw no friends willing to play tabletop RPGs for the span of five years

You know... Sort of irrelevant mind, but I notice you don't do morally ambiguity much, which is rather odd given the setting. To clarify, I'd like your opinion on such characters

Conscience is probably not the first thing one loses on the path of survival, and I'm not saying they aren't flawed, but there must be a middle ground between one character who saves kittens from trees and one who blows the back leg of the filly who asked them to get them down. There's a whole plethora of awful to explore kkat! Like one who demands her caps up front, or one who takes the money then chucks rocks at the cat till it falls!

Heck, look at HK-47, the assassin droid from Kotor. Hardly an upstanding citizen, but very intelligent and at philosophical at being an assassin, and even taking pride it.. Or if thats not your speed, how do you feel about say the Niko Belics, or Booker Dewitts of literacy?

Kkat I was wondering if i may have permission to make an audio drama of fallout?

Hey, just saying I am working on a fallout EQ project Its based solely after the wake of Little Pip now I haven't yet finished fallout EQ yet so I'll finish reading your story first before I start on mine considering I want all the details I can muster. And my plan is to capture as much of the original story as I can without interfering with originality. Your story so far has consumed a lot of time during nights and days when I'm not doing anything of importance and I so far have just craved giving this universe you made with the mix of two large franchises and I want to give my two cents I think you deserve because you really didn't get all that you deserved so I can't wait to see how you end it, oh and I should mention I missed your wake of the whole fallout EQ popularity till I berely found it well after a lot of the hipe had evaporated. I personally don't care how many people read my story or revision of your story really, I just care about giving something, it's just a feeling that I've lost for a long time till now, I don't want to let go of this time.

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You alright Kkat? Haven't posted in quite a while...

Wow I’m not sure what took me so long to start this but damn! I’m half way threw and already trying to get a group together for a PnP game.

Thank you for this story.

...holy s&@* how has is been two years since I last read one of your posts... oh the memories this brings back...

Well, I wish you Lucy with whatever you’re up to nowadays. (Even if it’s not pony related lol)

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