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Why am I Pinkie Pie?! - the book · 2:22pm Oct 13th, 2016

How's it going, everyone? I've got something pretty amazing to share with you all today :twilightsmile:

So, a while back I was told that there was a group of Russian bronies who wanted to translate and publish Why am I Pinkie Pie?! Not only that, but they wanted to illustrate it!

I was incredibly excited about that, naturally. I mean, what writer wouldn't be? I waited as patiently as I could, and one day I got a PM with the pictures. And they blew my friggen' mind!

Seriously, check this out:

And those are just a few of them! Click here for the full album: http://imgur.com/a/fho6B
They're also on derpibooru, if you search for "Why am I Pinkie Pie"

Apparently, the book sold out in a few hours at rusbronycon, which is gratifying and humbling all at once. So, I want to send a quick "Thanks!" to the people who worked so hard on this, and to my Russian readers. You guys are amazing, and I wish I could read Russian, because I'd really love to have a copy of this book :pinkiehappy:

Actually, maybe I should see if there are any Russian language classes in my area... That would be cool.

A special thanks to Lalieri and dsp for all their hard work. It really blew my mind how good this all looked.

Truly, this was a

Heh :pinkiehappy:

Later, all!


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Comments ( 24 )

imgur can not direct link to fimfiction


Oooh... Drat.
I'll change the links to derpibooru

Edit: Links changed! Hopefully that all works, now. Thanks for letting me know!

That's awesome! :pinkiehappy:

Awesome! Are you planning to incorporate these images into the Fimfiction version at the appropriate locations?


That's... that's actually a really cool idea! I just might...

This is incredibly awesome!


How long 'til we get the English version? :pinkiecrazy:

Damn, I'd love to see this as an English publication.

Congrats man! That's pretty awesome!

So... English version? :rainbowkiss:

In soviet Russia, Pinkie is you.

But seriously, that's damn cool.

Now I wish I could read Russian lol. Maybe one of my Russian friends can teach me.

Cool, but, is this legal?

Yep, we Russians can be cool like that :rainbowkiss:

4254126 For all practical purposes it's legal until Hasbro decides they care enough to bother stopping it.

This is pretty epic!

I should reread your novel so as to answer a few questions about the visual situations... :twilightblush:

That's awesome Hoppy!


the picture are cute!
def love that pirate one

4254997 Um, we tried to make all more than 63 28 pics as easy to guess from which moments they are from as we could...


You did an excellent job! However, 4 years with untold millions of words since read, several life changes of no small degree, and more having since occurred since my originally reading the novel did much to greatly muddle the memory of this work.

With it again fresh in mind, end to end, I'd say that the work matched up better than expected~! To be honest, it was mostly the high seas ship scene that was lacking a point of reference before the rereading. :pinkiesmile:

Even though I can't read Russian, I'd still love to have a copy of this!

Apparently, the book sold out in a few hours at rusbronycon

Yeap. But only 13 copies was made. Now I'm working to refill drained the supply.
Theoretically it is possible to print english version of this book, but there is a problem of payment and shipping. Also theoretically it can be solved. This summer this guy, psp7master, started and successful done campaign of printing and worldwide shipping of 38 copies of his book http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/616239/look-at-this-nice-the-snow-on-her-cheek-book But I only did book's crafting and I'm out of touch with all this organizational stuff.
And the is yet another photo of the book:

I stil don't know why nobodies made books of:
Fallout Equestria
Past SIns
literally most other sagas and books.

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