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Ponies After People: One Year Later · 11:10am May 23rd, 2016

Hey everybody!

It's May 23, 2016. This date might not seem all that special or even interesting to many of you, and indeed it really isn't. Still, the date's interesting to me, so I'd thought I'd ramble a little about the last year and everything that's happened. This post doesn't have too much that's directly story-related, so anyone who would only be interested in that can go ahead and stop reading I suppose.

It's been one year exactly since the first chapter of Last Pony on Earth was published. One year since a little story I thought would be useful for killing time would grow into the most popular thing I'd ever tried here on fimfiction. I'd like to start out by thanking all of you-- anyone who read and enjoyed the story, anyone who's contributed to the little community as its grown here on fimfiction. It's been so wonderful to get to know so many of you, to make new friends and enjoy your contributions to this little idea I had.

That community, however small, has done some pretty neat things in all this time. There are nearly 500 members in our little Fimfiction group, and 51 stories posted in the group. These account for well over a million words of fiction, far more than I ever could've written on my own.

For those of you who didn't continue on after the first story, I'd suggest taking a look at Founders of Alexandria, the long-finished sequel to the original. Eternal Lonely Day follows from that story, and is also complete, with Earth Without Us still ongoing.

The community has done some fantastic work, and if none of my sequels to LPoE are your style, you might appreciate some of those. Here's where you can find the complete ones, but there's some great ongoing work as well. . I would list every story here if I thought it would help, but that's what group story listings are for, so I'll not belabor the point. Still, This oneshot came out recently, and I think if you enjoyed LPoE you might enjoy giving School Tour a look.

I love how much of the future remains unexplored, and look forward to seeing where still future authors will take things. I'm aware it's taking time for me to explain what I imagine about the future, so don't hesitate to send questions my way if you're an author with plans.

Aside from all the awesome writing, the group now has a Discord Server (free, web-based text chat client), which is still active and doing things. I'm on most of the time, so feel free to join up and chat with us anytime! We've got roleplaying, an ongoing semi-in-character minecraft server... lots of fun stuff!

What's next for PaP? Well, I've got the first of several updates to Earth Without Us nearly ready to post, so expect those down the pipeline soon. I will continue an irregular update schedule for this story, but I do expect to see it finished before this time next year. This will be MY last PaP story when it's done, though I look forward to seeing all the neat things other people do with the world.

As we move into the second year of PaP, I'd like to reiterate how grateful I am to all of you for contributing, for reading, and for the time you've spent with us. PAP and its community were a fantastic and important part of my 2015, and I look forward to seeing where things go in another great year.



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Ah, it's that bus fic!
Anyway, yay! One year anniversary! Even though Alex is well... you know. Deb.

Yay! Chapters incoming! :pinkiehappy:

Noooo! The story is coming to an end! :fluttercry:

Hooray for one year of Ponies After People.

Edit: Also, yes a lot of us are hanging out in the Discord Chatroom. Starscibe's in there, I'm in there (I'm the guy who drew all the cover and chapter images.), and a bunch of other interesting people/ponies.

And it was a joy to follow you through this adventure! I don't I ever was more excited for the next day just so I could get the next chapter, and then check on the comments a couple of times to discuss theories with other readers about what was going on, such as Alex's name and gender.

That said, I've tried reading Last Pony on Earth again these days and just couldn't. I think knowing the mystery takes out the fun of it.

And then it turns out you were just a year off in your predictions.

*fires a petard*
One year ago I couldn't belive that I'm going to protect humanity in such a universw (that's usually useless), but after HPI showed up I understood that there was a hope for humanity in PaP. And so I started to fight for the HPI. From the reader's side.
No pro-human fanfic in the universe from me, though. I hope that things will change this summer.

Now I only want to say thanks to the PaP, since it was one of the turning points that led me to the ideological position I'm currently at. I like the way Starscribe writes. These stories dance on the plank between two pits: pro-ponism and pro-humanism, but fall in neither, even though they are close to that.

I'm happy that in our reality such an end won't ever happen and this petard shot was to express that happiness, though I would like to see the Event that would resurrect Skype chat one day

Discord's here to stay.

Happy First Anniversary PAP! May it continue forever, even without people around.

It has been a good run so far. I'm glad to have found this fic series when it wbeing written.

Still, This oneshot came out recently, and I think if you enjoyed LPoE you might enjoy giving School Tour a look.

I'm honoured that you recommended my little story here! I look forward to reading more of Earth Without Us and any other side stories in the future. You can find some really great ones if you go sifting through the folders.

Hooray for one year of one of the best 'verses on FIMFiction! I actually stumbled onto it from a guest story a few months back by one of the authors I follow, and rather fell in love with it. Hoping to eventually write my own side story some day soon, though I want to progress some more on one or both of the fics I have in progress first.

I would have kept reading, but the selfishness and self-centeredness of the characters disgusted me. Everybody thought they were the only smart one and that everybody else was an idiot. They refused to work together and while the writing was exquisite, the personification of the characters was far too chaotic and malignant for my taste. I left it with a Like, but I could not read it.

I truly want to keep reading these stories but, I stop myself at the second because I know I'm going to fall in love with the characters again and then I'm going to lose them if the fourth story's name is any indication.

One of the best series of stories out there.
I look forward to reading the new chapters when they are posted :twilightsmile:

You a murderer Zutcha. A murderer, who's most effective weapon is through sheer excessive amounts of cuteness.

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