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State of the Scribe: May 2024 · 4:21am May 1st

Hey pones!

Another monthly update, let's talk about what's coming.

Only one change coming this month--a new story! I think it's probably more of what we might be seeing from me in the next short while--monthly stories. I think it's a happy medium between the incredible time commitments required for a weekly endeavor, that I just don't have as much now that I'm working full time.

That's why I'll be introducing a new monthly story this week, focusing on a familiar face, maybe seen a little differently than you expect. If you like bugs, I think you'll enjoy this one, even if it takes a little while to tell.

Oh, and I guess I should probably mention since I didn't say so anywhere else. Survived the Kidney Stones. Survived a few, anyway. Two more still stuck in my organs, but they seem to be sitting tight for the moment. Who doesn't mind living with a little Russian Roulette? Didn't get as much writing done as I would've liked, since I was mostly in bed wishing I was dead. But now I'm back on my feet, or... at my keyboard.

Lots of stories moving towards their ending now. Hand of the Ancients has only a few months left, though it isn't done yet. Forerunner's Child wraps up this month. When it's done, I'll transition to integrating the edits we made during the revision process--then getting a cover figured out for a real, honest-to-goodness publication. This story was a spontaneous passion project, but I'm more than proud of where it ended up. Enough that I already started working on another one in the same world, along with a few short stories.

But that's not pony, so I won't linger on it for too long. I do plan on talking about my own work in these blogs, even if it wanders a few steps away from MLP--but with a returning mix of why I know most of you are here. There's probably another new story coming next month, but I don't want to hold anyone's breath yet. More pony this time. Stay tuned!

This is the year I make the transition to publishing books on the regular. I've got a nice pile of them ready to go here, either finished or in the editing phase. But so long as there are still a few pony stories left to tell, I'll hang around to tell them. Thanks for joining me for the ride.

The real limit right now is getting covers I can be proud of. As for hardcovers of pony works, I'm still searching for a Luna is a Harsh Mistress 2 cover that satisfies. I'll keep you up to date on that.

Oh, and there's a minific this month! Hasn't been one of those in a minute.

Thanks for sticking with me through this wild journey. Your support means the world to me, that I get to keep playing in this world I love.



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Rescue Process is the story of when accidental human arrivals to Equestria are discovered by some very unfriendly creatures, and they're forced to fight for survival: https://www.patreon.com/posts/new-story-rescue-94115163

Family of Chaos follows a mysterious mare named Hurricane. She's lived lifetimes in Equestria, watching seasons come and go. It's only when Discord breaks free of containment that she begins to discover the truth, and her life is turned to chaos: https://www.patreon.com/posts/new-story-family-94115055

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If you're working full time now, I'm guessing you graduated? Congratulations on that, even if they're late. I hope the remaining kidney stones pass without too much trouble.

Zanec #2 · May 10th · · ·

Take as much time as you need, your health is more valuable than anything else!

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