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Much Ahoof - The Finale! · 12:37pm Jul 19th, 2012

Part one of the finale of Much Ahoof About Nothing has just gone to my proofreaders (Celestia bless their hearts and souls!), so you can expect it to be uploaded on the weekend. :yay:

"What do you mean, part one?" I hear you ask! Well, in order to cover all the awesomeness that happens in the finale, I've had to split it into two parts. The final part of the finale (wait, that's right, isn't it?) will be uploaded next weekend (It's already mostly finished, but some parts still need work... :ajsleepy:)

Also, would anypony be angry at me if the story went completely off the rails and turned into a TwiDash story instead? :pinkiehappy:

... it doesn't, so don't worry! :trollestia:

Butterscotch :heart:

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the final part of the finale is getting its papers out of the department of redundancy department! :derpytongue2:

I would, and so would celestia and spitfire...

Ha, just saw this new notification pop up. Anyway, I was wondering about your other story, the Wine for Two thing with spike and twilight. I'm rather curious as to what you've been thinking on that or if you've just given up on the story. Enough of that though, I can't wait for the finale. :D

Darn. I'll be away during the weekend. Ah well, I'll read it when I get back.

Yeah.... I think we'd all flip. :rainbowlaugh:


I think you might actually be able to make the sudden Twidash outta nowhere work. Still, better not to try that. :twilightoops::rainbowderp:

I have been gritting my teeth at Rarity for nearly the whole story so far, and I would find it profoundly frustrating to see her meddling efforts rewarded.
But... if you think twidash is the way for the story to go, I've got no place telling you otherwise.

Twidash isn't a ship I believe plausible. I haven't seen nearly as much "sexual tension" betwixt the two in the show as I have for Appledash or Pinkiedash, for example. Then again, I could just be oblivious to it due to sleep deprivation. :pinkiesick:


I love both Twilestia and RainbowSparkle, but I think it's best to stay on the path of Twilestia.

Rarity needs to just stop worrying about everypony ease and just eat an apple. Then maybe have some fruit.

I think I would be upset if that happened, lol. After reading that one averted Twilestia you wrote with the sad ending, the one where Celestia tricked Twilight into looking at the magic mirror that sucked their love for each other out of them (can't remember the name, it's not on fimfic), I require at least three more genuine Twilestias from you. *nods*

Or a sequel to that one where after a fashion, the mirror-Twilight, being a reflection of someone as logical as Twilight, wouldn't be satisfied knowing she isn't real and, more importantly to her, neither is the mirror-Celestia. Even though the love they feel is real, mirror-Twilight would understand that it's not technically HER love, since she isn't real. And then mirror-Twilight tries to find a way out of the mirror so her love can be felt by a real pony and for a real pony again, and mirror-Celestia would try to stop her, and it would be an awesome story.

Or, y'know, the Much Ahoof finale would be cool, too. :twilightsheepish:

Just started reading it, so this is great news--waiting for good fics to update is a test of patience, made harder by my addiction to anything Celestia/twilestia.:pinkiecrazy:

I would so very much like to see a just Twilestia story from you... this has turned into more of an everypony story. :twilightoops:

Have you read Among the Moonflowers by this author? It's a one-shot, but it focuses on Twilestia, no other ships.
Rather, the beginning of a Twilestia, doesn't go into detail on the mechanics of their relationship. But it's a short and sweet one-shot, so dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Luna_apple.png .

...You mean there's not gonna be a twist Twilight-Harem ending?:raritydespair:

Just kidding.
Onwards we sail on the S.S. Twilestia:pinkiehappy:

I have read most of the stories, but that one was too short in my opinion.... I want to see more depth, more detail... a proper unfolding of how the relationship came to be.

I make it a point to keep a calm, rational and levelheaded approach to ships I could never really get into, like Twidash.

But if that happened to this story, tables would probably get flipped :fluttershyouch: It would just be too grating to watch the Twi/Celestia-romance that the whole story has been building up to get thrown out the window like that.

GummyLuna is overrated xP

As a gag chapter I wouldn't be angry... But Twilestia is OTP, so there would be negative feelings.

SpikeXCelestia is where it's at ! :derpytongue2:

I wouldn't mind the TwiDash. How about an alternate ending? :rainbowwild:

238798 StrongheartRover, ZecoraTank, TrixieTwist! :rainbowlaugh:

Technically its been the past weekend by now:P

So when is the story updating? You said in a week that week is alredy in the past.

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