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  • 552 weeks
    As you may have noticed...

    ...I've not been on FIMFiction for a few months. Actually, I've not been online at all. I've been taking a break from my internet existence, although I didn't really make a conscious decision to do so. Things just seemed to work out that way. Maybe finishing Much Ahoof took it out of me?

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    Final part of Much Ahoof uploaded! + work on part two of Wine for Two has begun


    Sorry about the wait - I've been in self-imposed exile from the internet until I got my life in order.

    Well, okay - I told a little fib. It's not the final part... there's a short epilogue as well! Expect it anon.

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    There will be a Part 9 of Much Ahoof, + an Epilogue!

    Hi everyone! :pinkiehappy:

    I noticed that there's been a little confusion about a comment I made under Part 8 of Much Ahoof About Nothing. There WILL be a Part 9 and then a much-shorter Epilogue after that to bring everything to an appropriate close.

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    Much Ahoof Part 8 coming in a day or two...

    It's been sent to my lovely proofreaders/friends/cronies and I should be able to upload it in a day or two. There'll be a Part 9 and then an epilogue as well... it seems the more I edit, the more I write, which is a very, very bad habit indeed.

    Sorry about the delay, but real life has been making demands from me recently. I'm also stressed out of my gourd!

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    The League of Extraordinary Gentlecolts + one Gentlefilly

    Hi everyone!

    By now, you'll all have realised I was in on that little project where I was paired with the most excellent Obselesence: both of us wrote stories and uploaded each other's to see what would happen.

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As you may have noticed... · 12:04pm Nov 1st, 2012

...I've not been on FIMFiction for a few months. Actually, I've not been online at all. I've been taking a break from my internet existence, although I didn't really make a conscious decision to do so. Things just seemed to work out that way. Maybe finishing Much Ahoof took it out of me?

All I can do is beg your patience as I work out what I want to do. I think I need to work on my own projects for a while. The ponies are still dear to my heart - of course! - and I think that when Season 3 comes along I'll be gripped by new inspiration, but please don't be surprised if I suddenly start churning out stories again next week. Inspiration is a bit like that - you never know when it will strike you.

Thank you all for everything,

Butterscotch <3

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Eh, it happens. I have the same trouble. Take care, dude.

Good to see you back, and take your time! Good writing is something you can't rush, and we're all patient enough to wait.:raritywink:

I know just how you feel...

*glances at Coaldust*


Site Blogger

She lives! Maybe she'll check her Twitter... or dA... or pony email...

I know how easy it is to not do anything pony and then a month has past and you're all "What? When did that happen?"

Good luck and I hope for more fics from you soon.

We can wait mate, and I'm in Queensland by the way.

Good to know you're alright Butterscotch, I was getting a bit worried.

I know how it feels to be uninspired, and I completely support you working on your own projects for a while. Sometimes that's the best thing to do. Your fans will understand and support you as well, no matter what you do. Take all the time you want, you can't rush something as perfect as one of your stories. :pinkiehappy:



Good to hear from you, and I hope you had a good Halloween.

For all things, there is a time. A time to write fanfic, and a time to not write; a time to hang out online, and a time to stay offline.

Be well, and don't worry about the stories. You'll get the inspiration back eventually, and then we're still here ready to read them. :twilightsmile:

It happens, take how ever long you need.

its fine, take as long as you want :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I'm kinda hoping that Season 3 will motivate me to write my fanfics.:unsuresweetie:

oh dont worry Butters! =)
I know you have a lot of other things to do and that
take your time...and yeah! season 3! cant wait XD

Yoooouuuuuuuuu rock. Don't mind it, do you're thing. When inspiration is suddenly all 'Hey, it's time to pay attention to me! Then go do his thing.

Then maybe ignore that and go clop or something. I dunno. :P


-table flip-


That's cool. Take your time. We'll be here.

Yeah,I was wondering where have you been xD.I'm glad you're ok.

And I agree wit hthe rest,take your time.

Hey. Sounds good. Do your thing.

You're more important than your fan fictions, butterscotch, so I'm glad to hear you've been putting yourself first. Besides, everyone needs a break from things, even if it's what they love doing. Take as long as you need.

DO IT FILLY, DO IT NAOW! :rainbowlaugh: Kidding. It happens.

As long as you ain't dead, take all the time you need.:eeyup:

I've waited this long for another chapter of 'Mistress of Midnight Castle': I can wait a while longer. :heart:scranton.mylittlefacewhen.com/media/f/img/mlfw1021_Rainbow_Dash_says_youre_awesome.gif

So long as these projects aren't too, too personal, be sure to share with the class, hmm~? In the meanwhile, I'll be giving 'Party' another read. :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

Take your time, inspiration's a fickle thing. :twilightsmile:

I had forgotten you :moustache:

I have plenty of patience. Genius cannot be rushed. You'll get back into the swing as and when you feel it is right to. I can't wait though! dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_rainbowkiss_flip.png

Peas, potatos and delicious gravy,

take all the time you need butterscotch.....:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

I miss you already after now reading this. Oh well. There's always Twitter or Tumblr

just want to say thanks for all the stories you made, really good stuff!


Are you playing Tera too, or what? :duck:

Ponies are great but it's good to have a life away from them as well. :heart:

You are missed, Sundae. Come back some day and say hello! :heart:

Agreed, we miss ya.

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