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Fluttershy was experiencing some changes in her that she didn't know what to do about. Due to fear she went to the only friend she knew that could help her. That's when things escalated and curse emerged, threatening to eliminate ponykind.

Ps: The ponies in this story have human features, like hands, breasts and can stand upright on two legs. However, they are still ponies with manes, coats, tails, etc.

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Rainbow Dash gets a letter from Spit Fire to discuss the opportunity of getting Rainbow on the Wonder Bolts. So in the three months training a slight "more than a friendship" thing comes out between Rainbow and Soarin. Making this really a dream come true.
Edit: The story has been completely edited and remade by me and my friend brony_4ever.

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Luna and Twilight. Once they were good friends. Now they'll discover together a higher and more strong feeling. Love.They never had this experience before. How will they handle this kind of magic? How will others react to this? Will this magic spread among the little group of friends? But they all know that it will change the courses of their whole lives.
Special credits goes to my editor and friend brony 4ever for his amazing work.

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