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The Frostmane Territories is nothing like Equestria, and nothing seems to work the same way- it's wild, the seasons run on their own schedule, and the weather has a mind of it's own. Now an entire village has gone silent, and one pilot is tasked to get a doctor there to head off a looming disaster.

The terrain is fearsome, time is running out, and events past and present will challenge him when he has to make life-or-death decisions that will affect the lives of Ponies near and far. What will he do when the line between right and wrong is blurred?

Are there some mistakes you can never recover from?

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When Helicity's research on weather is torn apart by a professor, Featherprop decides to set up a surprise for her birthday. With the help of some Wonderbolts, a few bits of cloud, and a stack of pies, he wants to give her a chance to try the ideas she believes in.

When he springs the surprise, she takes a chance, but will the results be worth the risk? There's danger in storms, and even ponies who know what they're doing get caught unawares sometimes.

Yes yes, I know, there's OCs, but she's still cute, at least! Anyway, you should all read this story and then go wish Helicity (@helicityponi, Helicity here) a happy birthday, 'cause I wrote it for her. There's a little bit of romance, but nothing beyond some kissing. Come on, everyone's seen kissing, right?

If anyone sees typos or other errors, please point 'em out- I went past my deadline on this and I'm ashamed to say I didn't edit as closely as I'd like to.

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Excessive Angles is temporarily offline so I can start a big rewrite and addition. This is the next one I'm going to finish, then on to... possible sequels. Thanks, and if you want to pre-read, drop me a note!

A lone pony faces the harsh reality of life in the wilds- alone and at night, she's pursued by savage beasts. When she falters, there will be no salvation.

Except for a flicker of dark on the face of the moon, and the unexpected chance that brings light in the darkness.

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The Princesses are coming to town, and Twilight has set herself to organizing the perfect spur-of-the-moment, off-the-cuff, impromptu tea-time to welcome them. And when Celestia requests a specific drink, Twilight is determined to get it perfect. Just. Totally. Perfect. The fact that the drink comes from Pinkie Pie is only a minor obstacle.

Luna's asking about cider. Fluttershy is trying to duck out. Dash is out for a refund. Rarity is pumping Twilight for information, and Applejack is wondering where her sales cart is.

In the end, it'll take one special friend to help Twilight get things right.

Special thanks go to Cloudy Skies for goading me into writing with Ponies people have heard of, Helicity and Pick-Six for editing, and all of you for coming and taking a look!

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Now With Fewer Grammatical Errors!! A late-night errand takes a mare past a sleeping coworker- except it seems he's not doing much resting. In an ongoing battle of wills and coffee cups, Espresso will seize any opportunity she can to gain the upper hoof!

This is a side chapter to a larger tale being written. It's a brief tale of no real consequence that may or may not have really happened. Teen for references only, but text and event-wise this would be SFW.

Cover image not related, but do you know how few sleeping male ponies there are??
John Joseco did this great image. http://johnjoseco.deviantart.com/

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