• Published 20th May 2014
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The Last Link - Featherprop

When a pilot finds himself trapped with no good choices left, what will he do? Good intentions conflict with harsh realith, and he has to balance saving lives against losing his own before he can help.

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From The Super-Secret Planning Vaults

It's time to meet the ponies!

Pegasus stallion, 20?
Brown coat/cream belly/throat/dark brown mane/brown eyes
CM: Three feathers arranged radially,
Pilot, fun-loving, prankster, likes puns, but lacks self-confidence, does not stand up for self, gives in easily, has tendency to eat too much and drink too much coffee. Lets Espresso boss him around, then gets back at her later, but without malice. Came from a medium-sized family in Cloudsdale, was a disappointment to his father- failed out of Weather Academy due to unsuitability (physically, large wings make him ill-suited to fast or agile flying). Not quite disowned, but more of ignored, this early blow to his self-confidence has led him to seek the approval of others to validate his worth, resulting in making poor decisions at times and facing the consequences.

Espresso Connemara
Earth Pony mare, 25+
Tan coat/brown mane/blue eyes
CM: Teacup w/steam lines above it
Base manager, bossy, outspoken, no-nonsense. Doesn’t like pilots because they’re lazy and drink her coffee. Runs Trotttinger Flight Center with an iron hoof. Featherprop’s boss and antagonist, target of many of his pranks. Has her hooves full keeping him working and from making messes/cleaning up the ones he does make. Treats him as sort of a child, has a soft spot for him after various setbacks, but nags and harries him for his shortcomings- believes that’s the only way to get him to improve, sort of ‘tough love’. Stems from background of being older sibling in large family who was expected to take on a lot of responsibility early on, but this has also given her the managerial skillset that has let her succeed in managing a series of immature pilots and various less-well-motivated employees.

Eisen Pasture
Unicorn stallion, 40+
White coat/Red-magenta mane/grey eyes
CM: Red cross with a torch silhouette in the center
Doctor, scientist, vain, somewhat manipulative but not cruel or greedy. Focused on his work. Does not want to be in Frostmane, hates the cold and the environment. Used to ordering Ponies around, expects to get his way. Cultured, well-spoken, has been involved in research for years in Canterlot and is somewhat out of touch with the lives of less well-connected ponies, especially when dealing with the ill and injured. His career in academia has given him the view that when he’s told ‘no’ it’s because the other pony has an agenda.

Ether Watt
Earth Pony mare, 20+
Pale blue coat/dark blue mane/amber eyes
CM: Mast with three radiating lightning bolts
Radio operator. Somewhat antisocial, has a very pun-oriented humor. Nerd/geek, understands equipment better than Ponies. Does not mingle much with other staff because she doesn’t understand other Ponies- similar to Aspergers, but more of just not understanding emotion or empathy, so keeps them at arm’s length with jargon and muted hostility, though she does want friendship sometimes. Grudgingly accepts friendship with Espresso, who understands more about Ether than Ether does herself.

Placer Nugget
Unicorn stallion, 30+
light green coat/golden mane/golden eyes
CM: Gold nugget
Placer Nugget is rich, good at finding metals as special talent. Overbearing, vain, greedy, impatient, yelled at FP because FP refused to go on unsafe flight, then wrote nasty letter about FP to company owner. Big jerk who is a plot device.

Pinching Bits
Earth Pony stallion, 50+
orange-brown coat/grey mane/blue eyes
CM: Three overlapping bits
Owner of Frostmane Flying Service, somewhat stingy, worried about customers and a bit of a blowhard, has a high opinion of his knowledge of all aspects of running the airline even though he’s been out of day-to-day ops for a long time. Doesn’t really know what goes into running individual stations anymore, or how to lead vs. manage ponies

Long Tom
Earth Pony, (Really Old)
CM: Slanted wooden trough connected to stylized flywheel and belt
Hoofball Fanatic

Pegasus colt, young

Featherwind’s younger sister

Author's Note:

Welp, to keep stuff going, here's some extra material to look over. This is directly from my planning doc to help me keep stuff straight. Some has changed since I wrote it, but the essentials of the characters have remained.