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"OH! That would be the Elements of Harmony! They're the neatest thing! We each get a jewel necklace--Twilight gets a sparkly tiara--and we used them to defeat Discord and Nightmare Moon with rainbows that go pewpewpew-!"

A clawed glove wrapped over Pinkie Pie's lips, silencing her.

"What does the pink one speak of, pony?" He demanded of Twilight, who sputtered at his question. "Do these 'Elements' hold the power to resurrect humanity?"

"I'm... not sure." She returned, halfheartedly. "They're pretty powerful..."

"Where are they?"

"In Canterlot, the city on the mountains, but-"

He dropped Pinkie and stomped off, leaving her to flop around her stretched-out lips. Twilight saw that he was going out the door and in the direction of the city she had mentioned.

"W-wait! Stop!" She galloped after him.

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He was always considered an outcast, a black sheep. When his peers find his secret, that he likes to watch My Little Pony, they taunt and ridicule him for it. But, after a freak accident, he is taken away to the land of Equestria. Has he truly found his place? Oh, and he's an ork. That might be an important little detail. Warhammer 40k crossover.

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Everyone's favorite internet arsebag comes to town with the intention of pairing Rainbow Dash with everything that moves.

(A/N: I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry.)

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When Gilda is thrust into a dark, violent world, she must ally with unlikely characters, learn the importance of teamwork and compassion, and fight the unspeakable horrors of the darkspawn if she ever hopes to survive, for in this world life is not given freely, but is wrested from the wicked.
MLP/Dragon Age: Origins crossover. Cover image courtesy of my dear friend PartyCannon on DeviantArt.

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Applejack finds a strange visitor in her apple orchard one day, with even stranger stories to tell...
MLP/L4D2 crossover. My first story on FiMfiction.net! May add more tags as story progresses.
Credit for the image goes to brokencreation on DeviantArt.

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