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TLDR: Anons A gamer, So Pinkie sends him to the MEGA gay zone, He must escape.

Anon has a perfect life here in Equestria, he has anything he could ever desire. That is until he wants to ask questions. Because questions lead to answers, and sometimes those answers aren't exactly what everyone else has in mind.

keyword sometimes, so it's pretty easy to find what he's looking for.

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"A short thing I thought of when I walked past her in the store. She seemed nice enough, Actually, I could care more. I Took a picture, it would last longer. She was my favorite, I hate to see her go."
Pinkie wakes up somewhere Unfamiliar, that she's never seen, or heard of. Dazed and Confused, she tries to make sense of the situation, but she can't.

And She's Left Behind
-Ya Boi Satan

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Will be a series of shorts where Anon Fucks with rarity with his uncool fashion faux paus.

Recipe is as follows,
💯% Crack Fic
Mostly Based
A Kek and Cringe Emulsion.

Sex tag is for nudity,
Maybe 1 Dick Slap
April fool's, it came out late.

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"Bruh look at these (GROC's) by the the way."

[Goat Related Original Character]

This Is My First story, I will be using a generous amount of comedy and foul language once the goats have come into play entirely, Might be funny, Might be offensive

This is quite possible going to get INSANE. The recipe is as follows.

- A splash of comedy.
- A helping of mystery.
- A stick of emulsified depression.
- A pan seared skillet of chaos.
- The flames of pure agony.
- The help of 3 to 4 apples a day
- And a hint of crackfic

This story is about a farmer and his goats, the goats can remember everything before they crossed over as well as gaining sentience. The farmer has no recollection of his past, and can therefore be influenced by others. Follow the farmer and Goats as they get into mischief to remember his past with the help of his devious goats. As New enemies and rivals arrive along the way, our goat farmer learns new things and old about himself and those he trusts most. He may confide in Luna from time to time, even behind his goats backs. He won't know who to fully trust until he finds his mind.
sex tag is for nudity, and potential sexual reference.

Might get serious.
Let's see where they take us.

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