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The resurrection of the dark king Sombra brings upon many questions. As Twilight Sparkle and the other Elements of Harmony attempt to discover his new plans and solve prehistoric mysteries, the paths chosen will bring upon an adventure none of them could have ever prepared for.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash reminisces about her individual farewells as she prepares to take on the next stage of her life.

A one-shot story on parting ways.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash's son learns that he can always depend on his friends to help him with his problems. Or make them much worse.

Sequel to A Day With Dad

Blue words link to the character voices how I imagine they sound. Feel free to ignore them and have your own interpretation.

Chapters (16)

Rainbow Dash's son learns that unexpected surprises may come from those we underestimate. A story on father/son bonding.

Updated with self-drawn/colored coverart.

Chapters (11)