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Updates (or better lack of) · 5:57am Aug 9th, 2013

Life likes to delay things, doesn't it? Well because writing isn't my top priority (as well as some other decision making), I have a few announcements about my incomplete stories~

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Proofreaders · 7:00am Dec 20th, 2012

Who wants to do a little proofreading for yours truly? The next chapter of A Day With Friends is done, as is the first chapter of FiMFriction, but for once I think I'll get a second (or third, fourth, etc.) opinion before I publish these, despite mine clearly being superior (if you actually take my cockiness seriously then you're an idiot).

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Upcoming Stories · 7:41am Nov 30th, 2012

I have finals coming up, so it's unlikely there will be any updates until then. When they're done, I plan on continuing A Day With Friends, hopefully at a slower pace story-wise (aka more character development) since I won't be busy, as well as writing three new stories, which I'll give teasers to.

A Day In Bed- Rainbow Dash's son finds himself in quite the situation when he catches the common cold. Can she help him hide his sickness from his overbearing father?

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