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A man named Alex, gets hit by a truck and dies. He wakes up in a strange place called Equestria as Penny Polendina. Little dose he or she knows, this isn’t a dream nor a nightmare, but a second life with a new body and abilities, Alex now Penny will soon learn this world has many dangers to face, but will “Penny” be strong enough to face them?

This was another idea I wanted to try out, I hope you’ll enjoy this fic.
Also I’m planing to an cover made for this if you guys know an artist, please give me a link.

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Isaac is an ordinary guy from the UK, who was living a normal life, just going through his days, playing online games, and watching good old fashioned anime. One day, a mysterious package arrives for him in the mail from something called the Lobelia Organization. When Isaac opens this package, he finds a strange looking Fruit with a swirly pattern inside. Soon after opening the package, Isaac is transported to the world of Equestria, appearing within the Royal Garden. 

Meanwhile, Princess Celestia is hosting the annual Grand Galloping Gala, when suddenly, she senses the arrival of something strange and dark, little knowing that her Kingdom is about to be changed forever. 

This is the dawn of a new age. 

The Age Of Devil Fruits.

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Hoping to make some extra money over the summer, Sunset Shimmer takes a job as the new nightguard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Little does she know that this will be the longest and most terrifying night of her life. Can she make it through the night and make it out alive?

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Ruby Rose, the young prodigy from Vale. Onyx Shinra, the fourth heir to the Shinra Corporation from Atlas. Sunset Shimmer, the fiery Fox Faunus from Vacuo. Eclipse Khan, the Tiger Faunus anarchist who seeks redemption from Mistral. Together, they will form Team ROSE, to fight the evils of Remnant, orchestrated by the wicked puppeteer known simply as Ozma. Can these children defeat an opponent who is the literal master of the Grimm?

Current Artwork from SinoBice. The best artist to work with for any RWBY artwork.

Previous Artwork from amalgamzaku

Author Madforce Entertainment.

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