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A great big cowpony welcome, friends!

Thank you for visiting my page. I hope you enjoy reading my stories. Feel free to leave comments and questions. I do ask that your feedback and critique is positive. If there is something about a story that doesn't work for you, please let me know. Should you click the thumbs down button (I hope no one would feel the need to), I would appreciate commenting on your choosing to do so. I think that there is always room for improvement, and I am open to suggestions. From critique experience, I know that acknowledging what works is always a stronger path than calling out what doesn't. That being said, please enjoy my stories, and be on the lookout for more.

May Harmony abound,
The Cosmic Cruzader


The OC Roundup: Singing Cowponies · 12:40am Jul 31st, 2019

A great big cowpony howdy, friends!

In my previous blog post, I explained that I would be writing posts dedicated to my OC's. Since most of them have only minor appearances and are featured in one story, I thought it best to group them together in posts for each story. Now, time to move 'em on and head 'em up!

In this post, we'll ride up the music trail and discuss Equestria's favorite singing cowponies.

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Timeline of Stories

  • The Treasure of Luna Bay
  • (s1e1-2) "Friendship is Magic"
  • Cherry Jubilee and the Harvest Festival
  • Rarity and the Fabulous Frontier
  • Selenelion: A Story of Harmony
  • Twilight's Book Club
  • (s4e25-26) "Twilight's Kingdom"
  • Spike Day
  • (s5e6) "Appleloosa's Most Wanted"
  • (s5e7) "Make New Friends but Keep Discord"
  • Daring Do and the Sands of Time
  • Saddle Song the Singing Cowpony
  • A Night at the Movies
  • (s5e19) "Crusaders of the Lost Mark"
  • (s5e24) "The Mane Attraction"
  • A Haunting in Canterlot - Prologue
  • (s6e1-2) "The Crystalling"
  • A Haunting in Canterlot - Chapter 1
  • (s6e6) "No Second Prances"
  • A Haunting in Canterlot - Ch.2 - Epilogue
  • (s6e17) "Dungeons & Discords"
  • (s7e5) "Fluttershy Leans In"
  • The Legend of the Flying Pegasus
  • Fluttershy and the Haunted Sanctuary
  • What Princess Luna Fears the Most
  • (s7e13) "The Perfect Pear"
  • Stories of Days Gone By
  • City Apple and Country Orange
  • Of Syrup and Apples
  • Season Eight/Nine
  • Derpy in Space
  • Star Ponies: Lights Over Equestria
  • Imposter Pinkie Pie

I don't have a specific place in the timeline for the following stories:

  • Rainbow Dash and the X-Treme Showdown (season 7)
  • Dreaming of You (may take place during season 7)
  • The Magician's Gift takes place after "Dungeons & Discords"
  • Tales of Frontier Equestria

Saddle Song's Roundup

Can't get enough of Equestria's favorite Singing Cowpony? Well you're in luck! Right here at the old corral is everything a fan could hope to know.

During Friendship is Magic season one

  • Saddle Song sings with Troubadour at the Dodge Junction Harvest Festival (story: "Cherry Jubilee and the Harvest Festival")
  • Saddle Song and Gray go to Manehattan to cut records
  • Silver Sage offers Saddle Song and Gray a chance to sing in his new film, The Pride of the San Palomino, starring Roo Buckaroo
  • Invited to perform on Yippie-Yi Yokel's show on FIM Radio

During season two

  • The Singing Cowpony
  • (story: "Rarity and the Fabulous Frontier")

During season three

  • The Lullaby Trail

During season four

  • Wild Ripplin' Waters

During season five

  • The Rodeo Rustlers (stories: "Saddle Song the Singing Cowpony" and "A Night at the Movies")

During season six

  • Establishes Friendship Ranch, which would be the setting of his next film and following musical series of the same name
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It's a word I made up combining cinema and magician, reflecting my love of films and the art of movie magic.

What's a CineMagician?

Thank you! I'm happy you like Saddle Song. I'm still trying to figure out what his cutie mark will be. Some ideas include a saddle on a music staff with a treble clef and a bass clef on either side, two horseshoes making a guitar body and a fret board to complete the guitar, and a guitar and treble clef in an X shape.

In the spirit of singing cowboys, Saddle Song can't go without yodeling!

I'm also happy you've been enjoying these cowboy ballads. I hope that Saddle Song will pay tribute to both those who originally sang the songs and those who keep them alive for new generations.

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