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Current Projects

1. Fallout Equestria: Broken Oaths
2. Terminus Ordis: Legacy of Midas

1. Fallout Equestria: Burdens
2. Fallout Equestria: Shadow Games
3. (empty slot)
I'm fairly new to writing so I can't offer the skills of a professional. That's not to say I won't give my best shot. What I can offer is proofreading and some editing. If need be I can also offer suggestions or ideas for your story.

I mainly read stories of the Alternate Universe genre (Fallout Equestria for example) I do however read the occasional Adventure and Dark genres as well. I'm mainly seeking experience so I can improve my own stories, so I don't really see myself rejecting any requests.

The only time I would reject a request is when I've got too many stories or it's anthro/human. There is also a chance for me to reject a request if I do not find the story interesting.

I only edit three stories at a time so I don't get too overwhelmed. If you do want me as an editor I do have to warn you about inactivity, I have MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) a minor case but it does affect my hobbies. Basically, it might affect my desire to edit

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