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This story is a sequel to Whither Must I Wander

"In the land of Hyrule, there echoes a legend. A legend held dearly by the Royal Family that tells of a boy...

A boy who,

After battling evil and saving Hyrule, crept away from the land that had made him a legend...

Done with the battles he once waged across time, he embarked on a journey. A secret and personal journey...

A journey in search of a beloved and invaluable friend...

A friend with whom he parted ways when he finally fulfilled his heroic destiny and took his place among legends..."

Link, now trapped in Equestria, is forced to put his search on hold as he tries to find some way, any way to return home. His ocarina useless, he turns to the ponies who house him. As time passes and he bonds with those around him, however, he ponders: Which does he consider home more, Equestria, or Hyrule?

Largely a slice of life story. Many short chapters and erratic updates, arcs, fluff, and what abominations I try to pass off as comedy.

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You ever get so lost in the woods behind your house that you wound up in another world? Because Link did. Twice. Now he must attempt to find his way home, assuming the timberwolves and giant equines do not get to him first. Or perhaps he can learn how to be a child again. There's just one way to find out.

Updates random and likely infrequent. In the name of being different, instead of making a disclaimer of how I don't own it, I'm going to come out and say I own Nintendo and Hasbro.

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