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Ever since the assault on Canterlot, changelings have never been heard from, So what happened?

This is a single changeling's perspective after the end of the world. Heart's Desire awakens alone in hell.

"I can't remember what happened in September"

(I'll have a proofreader on this as soon as he gets back to me about it.)

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Spirit Wind, a perpetually blank-flanked pony with a near-biological need for absolute freedom, comes across a gem holding some of Discord's power.

Will this power drive him away from his year-long acquaintances, or into the first true commitment in his life? Either way, Chaos will be involved.

Chaos is a funny thing, it can be good, but too much is very, very bad. Too bad this balance changes as much as chaos itself does.

OC/Screwball shipping. Because Screwball.

Later chapters will border on dark, but shouldn't wade enough to warrant the tag just yet.

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