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Fluttershy seems like a regular high school senior living in a small town who spends most of her time with her closest friends. But really, her home-life is anything but bright. To make matters worse, Fluttershy wounds up in detention, is sent to the Principle, and is given an out of the ordinary task all on her first day of school. Because she rather help around the office than be stuck in the basement, Fluttershy goes to pick up a strange foreign man. Unbeknownst to her, this one encounter will change her life forever.

Will it change for the good? Or will it spiral downhill? Who knows when he happens to be the teachers assistant in your first hour...


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Twilight lives her life as The Princess Of Friendship, and whole heartily submits to her duties. Though she is grateful for all that she has, she still feels that something is missing. While Cadence plays match-maker for Twilight, Princess Celestia gives the young alicorn a special friendship task of her own. Twilight must find her passions and pursuit her dreams once more. And with the help of two strangers, what could possibly go wrong?

::Sex Tag For Suggested Content::

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Discord and Fluttershy have been friends for the longest time, and through their relationship they have learned acceptance. Yet, Discord still finds it difficult to accept himself. In determination to grow closer to Fluttershy, Discord finds a spell to change his appearance. With his new look, Discord begins to grow closer to his friend more than ever, but then suddenly develops...affections? Will Discord be able to keep his transformation under control? Or will his feelings get the best of him?

::Sex Tag For Suggested Content::

There will be a remake at a later date...

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Chapters (9)
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