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Discomfort is the feeling of horizons expanding against a closed mind.

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Story Description: Drowned in a lake of misery, an apparent suicide attempt leaves a changeling in the hospital. As he battles with amnesia, he finds himself at the center of a very dangerous game between two knowledgeable mares. On this pretender's journey of self-discovery he learns some questions are better left unanswered. However, obsession is never so kind as to simply let things be, and prying has its consequences.

Special Thanks to my proof-readers and editors: Annwn, Malefactory, and TABrony.

Author's Note: This story is a deconstruction of individual identity using a race that canonically has none. It is approached through the lens of a changeling who, by their biology, do not have the classical identifiers of identity that come with a consistent single form. It focuses on what it means to be, rather than one's place in the world.

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There are times the truth is the hardest thing to hear, and the worse thing you could say. That is when the it needs to be said the most. What truth?
I don't think we should see each other anymore.

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It has been a little over a year since things began changing for Fluttershy, and much has happened in that time. It's feeding time in her cottage and Angel Bunny wears a reminiscent stare. Fluttershy is sure to wonder what could be on his mind, but could she ever really understand? He has his doubts.

That is because Angel Bunny is not a pony. None could deny his perspective may seem a bit strange to the ponies. However, just how strange is the question... since Angel is not a bunny either.

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At the height of the war on chaos, and before the discovery of the Elements of Harmony, a war orphan born of unusual circumstances wandered into the Crystal Empire. With her fate tied to that of King Sombra’s, she is enlisted to aid the Crystal Queen in striking back against Discord for stealing away the young Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.

Little do they realize that nature is an uncaring and unforgiving place. Being born into that world, Treeling Asheveld lived all her life never knowing any different; let alone giving it a second thought. Lacking traditional training in magic, the only power she has at her disposal is to wield what is discarded by others... just as she too was discarded.

Author's Note: Each character has their own agenda; the pursuit of which affects the way the story unfolds.

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