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Discomfort is the feeling of horizons expanding against a closed mind.


There are times the truth is the hardest thing to hear, and the worse thing you could say. That is when the it needs to be said the most. What truth?
I don't think we should see each other anymore.

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I noticed a surprising lack of comments here, so I decided to change that myself.

When I saw "One that breaks them up," honestly I didn't expect much. However, you pleasantly surprised me with the quality of this story. I really liked how you portrayed the two characters as well. Great, great job. Keep up the great work. :ajsmug:

A'h wouldn't mind a sequel, either :raritywink:

5633182 I appreciate it. It is always my goal to deliver quality, especially for under represented audiences. But, with this story specifically, I wanted there to be no "bad guy"-- no clearly wrong party in this fight, and I feel like I delivered on that.

I'll be honest (for the reasons stated in the story :raritywink:) I don't just have a sequel in me for this one.

I see your point. Thanks for the writing tip regarding AJ's dialect. :ajsmug:

Well written and balanced. Through I find the actuall reason for the breakup a little hard to understand, is it that rarity is making a liar out of applejack by overcommiting? Or not allocating enough time that Aj needs for the farm?

Woh.... :applejackconfused: just.... woh.... why are the feels so strong after a single chapter story? Sequel! Or continue, I feel like this could be SO much more but it's limiting itself in such a short context.

Wow that was sad to read:fluttercry: But as the saying for true love "if you love her...let her go" is very true. Thank you for writing this. Even though they separated at the end:raritycry:

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