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Discomfort is the feeling of horizons expanding against a closed mind.


At the height of the war on chaos, and before the discovery of the Elements of Harmony, a war orphan born of unusual circumstances wandered into the Crystal Empire. With her fate tied to that of King Sombra’s, she is enlisted to aid the Crystal Queen in striking back against Discord for stealing away the young Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.

Little do they realize that nature is an uncaring and unforgiving place. Being born into that world, Treeling Asheveld lived all her life never knowing any different; let alone giving it a second thought. Lacking traditional training in magic, the only power she has at her disposal is to wield what is discarded by others... just as she too was discarded.

Author's Note: Each character has their own agenda; the pursuit of which affects the way the story unfolds.

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Comment posted by LegionPothIX deleted Aug 26th, 2014

Baddass filly of baddassitude!

4900743 The majority of this story has setups for the natural flow from scene to scene.

Just read through the entire thing, and while it can be a little unclear and metaphorical at times (the dream sequences, mainly), it's still a fascinating and worthwhile read.:twilightsmile:

5082446 Thanks for the feedback! The final two chapters coming out this week should clear up most of the abstractions set up in those dream-sequences.

there was too power for Treeling to resist

Too much power? There's a few missing words in this chapter, and occasionally through the other chapters.

I know I said it was a little too metaphorical and hard to understand, but it's come together... not perfectly, but it does make at least some sense now.
That said, I'd like to hear an author's interpretation, just to make things clearer.:twilightblush:

5096342 Thanks for pointing that out. I've heard that when you import from google docs there is some loss of data on occasion. I had thought I caught it all, but I'll check over the story again, and fix any other import errors. In that specific line, it was supposed to be: "too powerful for Treeling to resist".

In that scene Treeling had to choose what was more important to her. Which, in turn, gave rise to the line about the gilded cage. It is of no small consequence that I chose to represent her ability with the word "gilt" for the entire story, and never strayed the term. The two are deeply connected, which I had intended to be shown by how picky Treeling was that her name be gotten just right, and how she reacted to the words that Sombra used to describe her.

Considering how straight-forward the story's delivery is I tried to make it as layered as possible. The story is designed to be interpreted in a few areas, since the story is as much about how/why things happened as it is about the character making sense of them. You're supposed to feel good when you put something deeper together, whether or not it is the same thing I had envisioned, because I certainly put it there to be found. If you have any other questions I'd be happy to discuss it via PM. I'm trying to keep the comments as spoiler free as possible, and that'd make discussing the implications here rather difficult.

It's a tragedy that I may never finish this story. Curse going on this whole Mlp fim endeavor in the closet. But this was definitely nothing short of a good story. It was worth putting all the things I had aside to read this story. You write a really good story and spark me to continue my own... if only I didn't have so much to write. But that's besides the point. I really enjoyed this story, and I thank you for writing it.

6353554 I appreciate the feedback and am glad you like it. If you find the time to finish, you'll know where to find it.

This deserves so much more attention then it has at the moment.

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41,512 words.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

This was actually quite clever. I don't find many interesting stories about the Everfree Forest, much less any where a filly became the forest. Sombra as a main character was nice, too. Glad I stumbled across this.

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