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Rainbow Dash is best pony. TwiDash is best ship. Food is best. Ponies are life. Nuf said.

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Love, it is a funny word. It can mean many things and for a certain pegasus, it mean confusion.

At a sleepover with all her friends, a simple game of truth or dare has left Rainbow Dash questioning where her heart truly lies.

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How did Applejack deal with her parents death? How did she cope? After her parents death, she felt like no one knew what she was going through. So she ran away. She spent years by herself, but did it help? Did she get over her parents death? Will she ever forgive herself for running away from her family when they needed her and she needed them?

Special Thanks to Follow Focus and Demon of Chaos Leader for proofreading.

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Why do they pick on me? Why are my stupid wings so weak? Why can't I fly like a normal pegasus? Why do I have to be different? I can't take it. I have to stop the pain. I have to stop the teasing. I'm sorry...... So, so sorry.

Follow Fluttershy through her mind as she tries to get through the pain in her life.

Special thanks to Jake the Dog for proofreading.

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This is just a bunch of random crap I threw together. Twilight deflates, Pinkie is a firework,
Fluttershy explodes, twice, a chicken tap dances in mid air....... Well, just read the story.
It will not make any sense. Just warning you.
This is complete unless another random thought comes to my mind.

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