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The Chronicler

An archiver of the Equestrian Multiverse - a silent observer and sometimes concerned third party. Welcome to my tower.


The Apples are once again visiting the Pie family for Hearth's Warming, but a wild blizzard has made the journey to the rock farm treacherous and tiresome. However, the Pies have a new neighbor all too willing to share his food and the warmth of his home.

Chapters (1)

Twilight, as a result of a magical experiment gone wrong, has disappeared. Several months pass with no sign of her whereabouts. Hope was nearly lost until a faint whiff of her magic was felt in a far away universe. Discord takes it upon himself to rescue the young alicorn. However, many years have passed for Twilight. Long enough for her to nearly give up hope in seeing Equestria again, and long enough for her to build ties to this new world. Now, Twilight must choose where she belongs.

Chapters (1)

Fluttershy meets a strange creature while running an errand in the Everfree Forest. It is nothing like she has ever seen, and it may be more than it seems.

Chapters (6)
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