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New story, maybe. I dont know. · 3:03am Dec 31st, 2014

Hey guys an gals. Im writing this relatively short blog post about an upcoming story/idea for a story/idea that im currently working on. I am looking for someone to proof read and tell me how terrible i am at grammer/spelling/punctuation/english. That and someone to help me with said ideas. But mostly the first point. If anyone would kindly oblige i would be forever in their debt and they could use that to get a great deal on some organs later in life. So anyone out there who would like to

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You live... For now :pinkiecrazy:

I won't if you follow me and join my group delightfully delusional :pinkiecrazy:

626630 Please don't kill me :raritydespair:

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

310150 Thanks, i read it a while back up to a hiatus, and just recently found that it had updated. It's still as good as it was :pinkiehappy:

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