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I love,love,love MLP and like to work on my headcannon and RP I mod an MLP forum. :3 Sunset Shimmer, Luna, and Celestia are my favorite ponies too I also like Applejack oh and I live in Oregon.

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This story is a sequel to Past Sins AU:Primordial Crimes(Project Helia)

Starlight Glimmer, amazing mare who travels from town to town solving problems, switching marks, learning friendship lessons, and rivaling Trixie and Sunset. Come and see her beginnings how after she loses her friend Sunburst who goes away to attend Luna's magic school, she descends into a dark and emo life. However when an evil rogue mage comes to town she meets a team of knight's who ask for her fathers aide and Starlight becomes obsessed with learning about this mysterious stallion leading the pack: Mars, who seems to have also taken a liking to her.

See her overcome her emo angst, and then on an epic mission for the fate of Equestria and setting her on her destined path with her new mentor!

Starlight art by: Xebeck
Mars base by: Oshipush
Overall cover by: Me

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This Equestria, a different Equestria where Luna never became Nightmare Moon. Instead Celestia succumbed to her desire for everlasting peace in a world of light was twisted creating Daybreaker.
After a massive battle Luna emerged victorious thanks to her friends who the elements bestowed immortality to.

Now a millennium later Daybreaker returned and was defeated by Sunset Shimmer, Luna's student and her friends: Spitfire Flare, Strawberry Sunrise, Coco Pommel, Nurse Redheart, and Trixie Lulamoon, Also her dragon assistant Ember.

A year later an ancient order devoted to the worship of Daybreaker seeks her Resurrection and is using Sunset to do it, however the ritual is interrupted and a mysterious and odd young filly named Helia is created. Now its upto Sunset who happened upon the creature in the Everfree Forest to protect her from the cult and from her own past, all in order to see to it the crimes primordial to this innocent, yet somewhat bratty young life are not the catalyst to usher in Daybreaker's Resurrection.

Cover Art by: http://blinkingpink.deviantart.com/

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Amuro Allbright, Legendary hero of the Mars war, Knight of Harmony founder, the stalwart and longtime companion of princess Celestia, and lonely/bored old coot?

Amuro hasn't aged in so long, centuries as such he has seen alot come and go. So he latches onto some simple but important things:Mentoring other and his friendship with a certain senile teacher and his beloved princess.

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Equestria Girls: Ponysona the Melody of my heart

Following the battle with the sirens and the opening of the /Twilight Gate mysterious disappearances began to occur at Canterlot high. Determined to protect her friends and School Sunset Shimmer must adjust to her new living arrangments and investigate the rising darkness. She and her friends will learn much about friendship and how the bonds they cultivate can awaken a new power: Ponysona!

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