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And I'm back · 2:23am Sep 6th, 2016

I have not put much up on this site for a while. I got a little side tracked in life and just couldn't find time to write. The bad news is I missed out on a lot of good opportunities to improve as a writer. The good news is that I feel much more ready as a person to write. I'd still like to write that series I have sitting at 1 chapter and I think that I have a better idea of where to go now. I can't promise a lot of rapid updates because I can only write on weekends, but I'm hoping to start

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Thanks for adding my story, Dreams of the Heart, to your favorites.



im glad you're enjoying them :twilightsmile: yeah, they started as a simple shipping story, but i ended up turning it into a full story.

It's a shame because there are a lot of people who turn away from it because of the shipping :ajsleepy: Oh well, as a good friend of mine always says "It's their loss" :eeyup:

1724361 You're welcome. You honestly deserve more acclaim then what I can give. I started reading for the shipping (still do) but honestly I'm pretty hooked on the story at this point.

And thanks for faving my trilogy! :scootangel:

1713747 Thanks for writing awesome stories. I've been binge reading them instead of writing paper XD

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