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And I'm back · 2:23am Sep 6th, 2016

I have not put much up on this site for a while. I got a little side tracked in life and just couldn't find time to write. The bad news is I missed out on a lot of good opportunities to improve as a writer. The good news is that I feel much more ready as a person to write. I'd still like to write that series I have sitting at 1 chapter and I think that I have a better idea of where to go now. I can't promise a lot of rapid updates because I can only write on weekends, but I'm hoping to start

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An actuall story... I guess the world is ending · 12:39am Dec 13th, 2012

I actually published a story....wow this feels wierd. I honestly don't have a lot to say here so go read it. Why are you still reading this? Nothing interesting is going to happen. Stop. No seriously, go read the story. You know what, fine I'm just going to walk away.........

Why are you still reading this?

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What is this? · 4:14am Nov 14th, 2012

Something is moving in the warp.... it's, it's, it's these guys

and take a guess where they're going.

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And thus I am created · 5:23am Feb 20th, 2012

Hello world this is Lord Bale. I will soon begin much writings but until then you have to read my ramblings. Oh and please let me know if you've seen Sindri!

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