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Hello there this is Mark the wolf pony. I finally gonna start writing fan fiction.

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Canterlot Academy is the most prestigious school in the world. Only certain incredibly talented individuals, affectionately referred to as Super Duper High Schoolers, can hope to enter its doors. One young woman, Derpy Hooves, once thought that this kind of place was light years out of her league, but when she received her acceptance letter, she knew at once that everything was going to change for her.

What she didn't expect was for them to change for the worst.

The moment she enters the school she finds herself losing consciousness. when she wakes up, she and nineteen other Super Duper High Schoolers find themselves in a strange place, brought there by an enigmatic creature named Monokuma. When they ask to be returned home, Monokuma gladly complies, on the one condition that whoever wants to escape must first commit the perfect murder.

Note: This will not in anyway tie to the original games. Cover by leapingequine

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When the Cutie Mark Crusaders fail to get their cutie marks yet again, they think they will never find out what their talents are. But all that change when a new transfer student named Imp joins Cherilee's class. When they try to be friends with the new student, they get involved with the Armor Fillies, an organization run by an Alicorn, named Faust, and her Counsel. The three will team up with other fillies and young creatures to fight against the dark forces that threaten Equestria.

Cover art by Wadusher0

Edit By Florarena Crimsonflame, 90259025, Cookiedo and Quickscript

Note: When I first published this story, I got so much flack and I deserved it. But this time I cleaned it up and gave it more descriptive detail. I even got an editor, though I had to do the first few chapters on my own since she was busy at the time. I want for people to remember this story for good reasons and not bad ones. Hope this is better

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