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I'm a writer, and a Brony I do a lot of Roleplays on the side, which does distract me from writing at times...Anyhoof, I'll be sure to get most chapters in on time from now on.

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The war in Equestria ravaged the land and forced a mass Exodus to the neighboring land, Celestia and Luna were divided and have created two empires, now the land of Eucadia is one of the same, aside from the fact that the war changed everything, caused harmony to disperse, now we follow a group of heroes in their quest to find the Lost Prophecy but, this is just one of many, and it's only the beginning.

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After Living in Equestria for awhile, I decided it was time to bring someone else to Equestira.
I walked through the same portal I entered through, unknowingly Trixie decided to follow me, I'm unsure of what lies ahead, I just have to hope that everything goes well.

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I'm alone, I need Friendship, Equestria Has Brought me Joy. I've Found my True Friends, And Now I Live My Days Here. This is My Adventure.

A Human ventures into the land of Equestria, he meet's Twilight and her friends, he meets the Royal Sisters, he promises his allegiance to The kingdom of Equestria, He's finally found a place that he can call home. but the question is, Will it last?

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