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I'm a writer, and a Brony I do a lot of Roleplays on the side, which does distract me from writing at times...Anyhoof, I'll be sure to get most chapters in on time from now on.


UPDATES INBOUND · 1:42am Oct 30th, 2012

My Little Adventure: The Return To Earth!!!

The Lost Prophecy: Beginnings!

YES! I am going to update both of these Fics for awhile and try to keep on top of them! I finally got out of the rut and HOPEFULLY!~ I'll be able to get a few chapters in this week.

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Alright Let's get down to Bussiness. · 7:46pm Aug 21st, 2012

I'm just going to face the facts

Everyone hated the fic I was writing, it was garbage...I'm abandoning it...I feel like there isn't much point to going any further if nothing is coming out of it. I'm sadly going to be wrapping it up in the next few chapters and then closing it for good.

On the bright side of things however...

A new fic has been created through this.

The Lost Prophecy: Beginnings

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Another Day. · 4:38am Aug 20th, 2012

Y'know I think Next time I'll just title this Blog Post...

Annnnnnyways, It's Bloody (Leadsharp) Here to let you all know that The Lost Prophecy Beginnings is coming along well, Chapters are flowing nicely and I also plan on updating My Little Adventure: The Return to Earth soon as well.

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It's been a while! · 1:54am Jun 12th, 2012

It's been a while since my last blog post, so let's get started!

I'm loving writing the new book and I plan on releasing chapter 11 this Friday June 15th

If I don't get it then I'll try for Monday-Wednesday.

other than that I would really appreciate some feedback from you all, so those who Dislike the stories can like them, I WANNA IMPROVE!

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Wow! · 9:54pm Apr 4th, 2012

I nearly fell out of my chair today!

I logged in and had 6 notifications, I clicked on them expecting story updates, but I'm being watched, people are tracking my stories and it really made my day! I feel even more motivated to continue writing the Sequel to My Little Adventure: My Little Adventure: The Return To Earth.

So I'm going to continue working harder to bring more frequent updates along with longer chapters!


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WELL ITS ABOUT TIME! · 6:02pm Mar 14th, 2012

Now The Story has been Caught up to my Other Story, So Expect More Frequent Updates!

Besides that the Story will be ending shortly, And I'll be doing a Sequel.

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Things Are Looking Up · 10:35pm Mar 2nd, 2012

It Seems That The Story has gone up in ratings...ish

I'll be posting another few chapters

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Looks like It'll be gone eventualy · 11:53pm Feb 21st, 2012

Well, the Story's ratign has gone down, Again.

Even though I know it's not incredibly Written I might just revoke it, if No pony is enjoying the Fic I'll take it off so you don't have to look at this sore sight.

Maybe, Well That's all for Now PM me if you feel differently

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Well for now. · 12:59am Feb 20th, 2012

For now I'll just keep the 4 Chapters up, If ratings don't go up i'll just abandon the posts here. You can read the Fully relased version on my Tumblr.


Keep in mind that it IS A WALL OF TEXT
But towards the end its paragraphed and such

Look here for the fully Paragraphed and slightly edited version

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