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From the depths of /mlp/, one man decided that he wanted to write. With a sweep of his pen, stories flowed from his hands like liquid gold, and his genius shined. And then there was also Lunaguy.

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Equestria. It may seem nice and quiet on the outside, but so does a barrel loaded with TNT at first glace. Among the masses who live sheltered lives and go along their paths without worrying about what dark and sinister things lie in the shadows of everyday activites, there are always those that seek the truth. They call these men many things; reporters, detectives, inspectors, private eyes.

One such man sets up office in downtown Manehatten. He's a businessman, and until now, he's been making a living finding lost children and misplaced purses. But one rainy Sunday night, a pony steps into his office with a case that will send him on a spiraling descent into mystery, danger, and darkness over the course of seven days. The kind of case that all of Equestria balances on.

The clock is ticking. Seven days remain.

Darkness comes.

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Seven years ago, a man down on his luck met the woman of his dreams. After a one night stand, however, she left him with a lot more than he bargained for. With a pile of questions, no answers, and a hundred new children, Anonymous is left to wonder what to do with his life.

Misery, one of many of the hybrid daughters, thirsts for knowledge. She wants to know about her mother, and more importantly, what her purpose is. The half of her that isn't human needs answers, and to find them, she has to go to the brightest gem in the Mojave.

Cover image is an artist's rendition of Mistake, brought to you by the illustrious DJ.

[Multiple Disclaimers Incoming]
This story has a main character named Anonymous. It also takes place on Earth. And the majority of the characters are "satyrs", which are abominations with pony (or in this case, changeling) bottoms and human tops.
If any of the above things offend you, please do not waste your time reading it and complaining about it in the comments. Alternatively, read it anyways and see if you change your mind.

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Salt is a terrible substance. Once a pony starts licking it, they can't stop.
It takes a truly brave soul to leave it behind...

This is an Anonymous in Equestria story. Please demonstrate your ability to read by not pointing it out an infinite number of times in the comment section. Thank you.

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Equestria has been home to numerous popular television shows in the past; Hay's Anatomy, Doctor Whooves, Star Trot. All of these shows have had massive successes, and fandoms of varying size and reputation. However, there was one show in particular that sparked the hearts of millions of ponies, spawning an unlikely following of mares of all ages... a show primarily meant for little colts.

Lyra was just an ordinary mare before she found the show. Now, she's an ordinary mare with an obsession for humans, like thousands upon thousands of other human fans. So when a summoning spell goes wrong, what will Lyra do when she finds a human in her kitchen? How will the rest of the fandom react to his existence, akin to how humans would react if a pony showed up in their world? Being a pony fan himself, how does Anon interact with the situation? How do the two fandoms combine with one-another and ultimately affecting the other's physical realm?

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