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Mixing cute pastel horses and dark disturbing themes brings me great joy. Writing self-inserts and idpol is bad, so don't do it. I am fuelled by tea and hate.


Update (Yet Again, Chimpanzee that!) · 9:21pm February 4th

First of the two back-to-back Project Sparkle chapters is done. Working on the second.
Spike At Your Service's next chapter almost done, with the slight rework of the previous chapter to settle tone and theming still going ahead.
Welcome To The 'Verse's rewrite still getting there.
That lewd F:OE story to do with Murky is a little on the back burner, but it'll get there.


Appul a cute!


Self-inserts are BAD.

Identity Politics are BAD.

You should feel BAD.

Commit toaster-bath.

Connect fork, right into the fucking wall socket, for all our sakes.

If (You) enjoy reading or writing self-insert or identity politic wankfests, I recommend feeding yourself a .45 calibre projectile through a high-velocity firearm delivery system.

I mean that in the nicest way possible.
I love* (You), really.

*love is a strong term, really I dislike (You) and actually wish a heavy object would repeatedly collide with your face until it is naught but a red pasty mush for pushing current real-world politics onto these adorable technicolour equines, or indeed your personal identity politics onto established characters, all for your own horrendously delusional agenda. Would (You) kindly just kill you're self, post-haste. Additionally you're on the shortlist for facing the wall if you prefer or write EqG or G5 over G4 FiM as you clearly have some kind of mental deficiency that indicates a <80 IQ.

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Now the girl in my avatar is Death, from Pearl Jam's 'Do The Evolution'.

Thank you.
Nice, nice. Truth be told, I haven't even been keeping up with the fandom and the characters/show for a while now. I only just started getting back into it all.

Jessi #31 · Sep 8th, 2021 · · 1 ·

No one, from no where.
It's an old avatar made way back when from an old-style internet forum from around 2003.
I just like it.

Who is the girl in your avatar, and where is she from?

I ain't mean literally, so you can remain un-fucked.

Just a different way of sayin imma give you a follow.

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