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Message. Update. Notice. · 6:05pm Monday

I crashed and burned out for a bit. Still not 100% back in the saddle, but I'm getting comfy again.
Project Sparkle, Blink, Welcome to the 'Verse, Shadow of Equestria, and Spike at your Service are all in varying stages of completion on their next chapters as I flitter about between them as I'm wont to do, however an update for them is in the pipeline. How soon they will land is up in the air, but I'm not dead and I'm getting things done bit by bit. Just letting you all know.

I appreciate all the favourites, follows, comments, and likes on my stuff, ya cunts.

A Wishing Well

Appul a cute!


Self-inserts are BAD.

Identity Politics are BAD.

(You) should feel BAD.

Commit toaster-bath, imbibe bleach, play hang-tree, or even connect a fork right into the plug socket. It's for all our sakes, my guy.

If (You) enjoy reading or writing self-insert rubbish or pushing identity politics onto these lovely technicolour equines, I would highly recommend feeding yourself a .45 calibre projectile through a high-velocity firearm delivery system.

Glad I Could Help.

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Project Sparkle

Twilight is dragged into a deep web of conspiracy that threatens Canterlot.
A cyberpunk dystopia full of augments, intrigue, sex, and violence.

Shadow Of Equestria

Applejack and Applebloom survive in a blighted Equestria whilst trying to save it.
A post-apocalyptic world with violence, thrills, adventure, and hope.

Latest Stories

I'll always be here working away on my stories, and adding new ones as they come into my head. Don't fret if you've come to check up on a particular story, none of them are ever forgotten even if I neglect some of them in favour of others. I'll take commissions if your idea isn't shit, so PM me for details if you're interested.

"If you have any further questions, please feel free to pull the lever to your right."

If you do actually have mouthwords to share in the form of a question then there lies a box below.

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That's certainly one of the SFM's of all time.
I really much prefer the original.

I am fuelled by tea and hate.

Mine are righteous acrimony and adderall


You're very welcome! :ajsmug:

Not at all, I'm memeing on you.
You have your opinion, AWFUL AS IT IS, and that is allowed. We all get to enjoy different things.

Okay, I think it's sensitive topic, sorry for bringing it up, no bad feelings here

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