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Mixing cute pastel horses and dark disturbing themes brings me great joy.

Appul a cute!


Self-inserts are bad.

You should feel bad.

Please commit sudoku.

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Oh! Okay, fair enough; like I said it's been over four years so I'm willing to let bygones be bygones.

Also I have good news for you: I finished it earlier this year. I don't have any plans for a sequel, but if you haven't yet, the completed story there for the reading! Enjoy.

I remember why because it greatly amused me, honestly still does.
I asked when you were going to continue updates on possibly your most popular story 'Daleks Have No Concept Of Friendship' in a very bantering manner that included racial slurs.
You did not like that very much so you blocked me, which is fair enough.
I still would like you to update that story, it is a very good one.

Hi there! I was curious and looked at my blocked users list, and your name was the only one in there. Apparently I blocked you over four years ago. I completely forget why, though. If that’s not a reason to unblock someone, I don’t know what is.

I don’t know if you care and I don’t really expect you to, just thought I’d let you know.


It's kind of a given, they're core characters to the TV series.

The raising of Wash and Shepard from the dead earned you an instant fav, track, and follow.

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