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I am fuelled by tea and hate. Ko-Fi.


Broke 200 followers. Nice! · 7:40pm February 14th

Thanks to them what have stuck about, aye?
Nice to see folk that care for the words coming out of my brain.
Got one or two other short story ideas, but mostly its a focus on my big stories in the meantime methinks.
If there's anything you fancy an update on feel free to ask.

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I appreciate all the favourites, follows, comments, and likes on my stuff, ya cunts.

A Wishing Well

Appul a cute!


Self-inserts are BAD.

Identity Politics are BAD.

You should feel BAD.

Commit toaster-bath, imbibe bleach, or even connect fork into the plug socket. It's for all our sakes, my guy.

If (You) enjoy reading or writing self-insert rubbish or pushing identity politics onto these lovely technicolour equines, I would highly recommend feeding yourself a .45 calibre projectile through a high-velocity firearm delivery system.

I mean that in the nicest way possible.
I love* (You), really.

*love is a rather strong term, really I dislike (You) and actually wish a heavy object would repeatedly collide with your face until it is naught but a red pasty mush.

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Latest Stories

I'll always be here working away on my stories, and adding new ones as they come into my head. Don't fret if you've come to check up on a particular story, none of them are ever forgotten even if I neglect some of them in favour of others. I'm considering commissions, so PM me for details if you're interested.

"If you have any further questions, please feel free to pull the lever to your right."

If you do actually have mouthwords to share there is a box below.

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Neither, just the standard black tea blend us Brits commonly drink.
Earl Grey's a bit too rich for my tastes, Chamomile is for health wellness experts to flaunt the benefits of.

Chamomille or Earl Grey? And at least you are drinking a refined drink such as tea before indulging in your hate.

What are you referring to? Tea and hate? Because yes.

Ah, not your kind of comedy.

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