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The multiverse is dying, devoured by an enemy that feared only one being in all of creation...the Doctor. But the Doctor has already fallen, his memories stolen by the evil that now spreads across countless universes. But there are those who know the Doctor is their only hope, and a plan has sent a martial artist from a now devoured world to wake the Oncoming Storm. If only he could actually find said Doctor on an entire planet.

Chapters (5)
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I was not expecting the Ranma crossover. I nearly covered my screen in iced tea during my spit take. I hope you are happy.

Considering that it's Ranma, he will undoubtedly land on his hooves. Then Trixie will land on him.


Never watched it. :moustache: Bye.

I spotted a problem. Trixie hit Ranma and didn't get called uncute.:trixieshiftright: Now that I think about it, ponies certainly do not look like that silly horse from the shrine. Also, make sure that Trixie never learns the Mouko Takabisha, for the sake of those around her.

It's been 4 chapters already, and Ranma hasn't made a lifelong rival, or gotten engaged to a random passerby. I am shocked and appalled.:trollestia:

2428482 Well he is just getting going. Rose for instance changed her mind not really on her volition but because she truly was affected by Ranma. It's something Trixie will figure out later. As for rivals and egagements he hasn't got into any of the big cities yet. By pony standards he's quite the impressive specimen, something he'll figure out once they hit civilization. His looks alone are impressive to the mares, and once you add in the mystique of him being a night pony he's going to get all kinds of trouble.

2428545 Just making sure. Wouldn't want him to be OOC.:rainbowlaugh:

Good world-building, and can I just say that Stitch seems familiar to me? Meanwhile, I have to say that an Amiguriken with hooves would really hurt.

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