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How far will a pony go for family? Will they fight dragons and Hydras? Will they fight even dreaded Ursa Major's? Will they fight that which has been torturing and breaking them for nearly a thousand years? Will they defy Princesses, Chaos, and even Fate itself to stop the horrors that have been inflicted upon their innocent daughters, sisters and mothers?

For the first time in nearly a thousand years the descendants of Lulamoon are going to answer those questions. Even if Equestria doesn't want them answered.

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2637331 Fixed it now, thanks. Put that up at 2:30 in the morning so I'm actually impressed that's the only mistake I made.

This story looks really interesting! I'll definitely follow it. Pokey as Trixie's brother or relative has been mentioned a few times in other fics. It will be interesting to find out more about the exploits of the Lulamoon clan. Keep up the good work!

C'mon Pokey! Get your flank over there and secure Trixie's things!!!

And why the hell does Twilight & Company, think it's ok to go through other ponies' property?

Can't wait to read more. And I hope Trixie get's her due.
And Twilight and Celestia are thrown out an airlock into the cold vacuum of space.

........dude I fucking LOVE this story!

I couldn't even read this chapter all in one go. I had to step away from the puter...Due to yelling helpful things like;
'Twilight, keep your nose outta Trixies things!'
'Celestia you bitch! I always knew Trixie was getting hosed, now I know it all YOUR fault!' :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftleft:

I actually did yell things. And was almost afraid to finish reading it, because of how close the Nova Guard are. Dude, this story, and your writing are great.

Pissed off, high powered Trixie is awesome!
When you do get this done, I can already say, I'll read it over and over again.

The fight scene was good, but maybe Trixie should have used more illusion to lore them into a killing zone.
I'm not saying what you wrote is bad, I just really like and root for Trixie. :pinkiehappy:

The ambush the Dr set was a nice touch.

And I can't wait to see how the tyrant (Celestia) tries to explain that one away, to whatever passes as the media there and Twilight and the other Elements.

For that matter, sooner or later, Celestia will have to face up to fact that she condemned a family for over 1000 yrs. And Luna will have to deal with the fact that she was on the wrong side. And there is no way those two could possibly make it right.

Any chance of more back story on Blackwatch? And what other members of Lulamoon went through before they got caught? Along with Lulamoon friends? And some of what she did with the Bison?
I'm not trying to tell you what to write, I'm just interested in it.

This is one of those kind of stories I really like. I can't wait to read it, but take my time doing so, since you managed to write the characters in such a way as to get the readers caring and relating to them (really, who wouldn't try to help their mom?). Rather than just make them battle generic bad guy # 2. So I end up almost cringing, because I don't want to read about something bad happening to Screw Loose, Pokey, Trixie and their friends.

Well done. :yay:

2830191 I'm still learning how to write good fight scenes, they're harder to write than any other part of a story for me. Glad you liked it though.

Yes the history of Blackwatch will be told eventually.

I'm also going to start putting in some of the families journal entries in the next chapters.

Thanks to those who've favorited and liked this story.

You're welcome.

yay new chapter and i have to say i am so fucknig lost what is happening lol

havent read the last chapter in several months

anyway good chapter but isnt it already stated it is inky blinky and pinkie pie? and maud

also birthplace:uknown you missed an n there

Wow, I forgot all about this story.
I'm glad you didn't give up on it.

Keep plugging away, you're doing good. :yay:

Glad to see an update, unfortunately it looks like I'm gonna have to re-read a few chapters.
I forgot a big chunk of the story-line so far.

5177881 The wiki lists their actual names. Though I actually prefer Inkie and Blinkie, and Pinkie will call them that as nicknames constantly. Though they won't play a big part in the story. I think at most they might get a chapter to themselves and the rest of the Pie family.

Could I please have an update on when the next chapter could come out.It's been about one and a half years.

It's me again. Just checking up on this story. I would love to take it off my dead or on hiatus list. Please, don't be like the other one hundred stories on that list.

You want into the archives and I dream of the thrones of the world. Trixie Nightflight alliance

Hm..intestine concept here, like the underground infighting thing....

I'm getting the feeling there is this big evil entity that has control of legions of 'convinced' soldiers and a sort of resistance that have been fighting each other for a long time....that's what I'm getting...

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