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Just another pony fan who likes to write a bit. I'm also the head of Events for EverfreeNW, so check that out if you want to go hang out with pony fans in the Seattle area!


The return of Nightmare Moon was striking. It forged a bond that awakened the new Elements of Harmony. But it was also the renewed attack of something from ages past.

Now that the seal has been broken, the Nightmares have returned to Equestria, consuming it and all its inhabitants. Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic, failed in her task to protect her five friends. Given a second chance, she must fight to rescue them from themselves, and from the Nightmares that have taken hold of them.

When you want to put right your own wrongs, what will you be willing to do, Twilight?

A My Little Pony story, infused with elements of Demon's Souls.

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An interesting start.

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