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It's the tenth anniversary of the death of Applejack's parents. Every year she has a tradition of going up before the rest of the family and watching the sunset alone by their graves. This year she finds she's not as alone as she thought and gains a new perspective.

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*Looks at ratings in the first five minutes of the story release*

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READ the story and comment BEFORE rating!

Now, onto the reading.

EDIT: Great story. A few errors with spelling, but still good.

Your writing holds a lot of promise. And if this story was fixed up or worked on a bit more, I'd say it would be a classic. I don't see why there's dislikes here, so please, take a thumb, a fave and a follow even. I hope to see more from you in the future

Brain to tired to make proper comment, only thing I don't understand is the two dislikes, I thought this story was rather nice.

Though I think the word "sunset" was used in one spot where it should have said "sunrise" and also I have no idea how you work morning glories into a bouquet considering they are a vine, guess you could wrap them around the other flowers like a living version of them fancy papers they always put the flowers in, that would be pretty....

Hopefully I can leave a better comment tomorrow when the power is restored to more of my brain.
night night

Psst, I will read once there's no more BLOCK OF TEXT!
No offense, but if you could add spaces in between paragraphs that would be amazing.

1966311 Not sure how you see it as a block of text. It's formatted the way any printed chapter might be.

1967885 Well to me it is.
But I'll try to handle it.

A nice little vignette. Doesn't really go anywhere, but doesn't really need to either.

found the spot A mess was talking about I think he's right.

anypony'll be up here but also because I like to watch the sunset with my parents.” [sunrise] ?

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